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Enrich holds first graduation for financial ed course

07 March 2016

By Iriz York

Graduates with Enrich co-founder Myriam Bartu, Enrich board chair Annalotte Walsh and Consul Charles Macaspac.

There are no shortcuts to financial planning.

This was the message of Consul Chuck Macaspac to about 60 foreign domestic workers honored at the first graduation ceremony of Enrich held at Lingnan University in Tuen Mun on Feb. 21.

“There are no shortcuts,” Consul Macaspac told the graduates. “If you try to do short cuts that's when you open the door to getting victimized. You become victims of scams and start borrowing money atrociously”.

Macaspac said it is not uncommon to see Filipino domestic workers who have been in Hong Kong for 20 to 30 years because they have not planned well for their future. He urged the graduates to make a plan, stick to it, and go back to the Philippines as soon as possible.
A total of 55 Filipino and four Indonesian migrant workers completed the financial education and empowerment education program of Enrich, which included five workshops covering topics on budgeting, savings, debt management, making investments, business development and assertive communication.

Another 17 Filipino domestic workers who completed the lecture series on domestic worker rights through the Knowledge Transfer Project between Enrich and Lingnan University and Professor James Rice, also received certificates.

One of Enrich’s pioneer migrant advisers Liza Avelino, inspired the graduates by sharing her humble beginnings and how she persevered to pursue her dream of traveling the world and climbing Everest, becoming the first domestic worker to do so.

“If you wanted to do stuff that you've never done before, I'm asking you to take this first step: invest in yourself. Review your dreams everyday and say to yourself- I will not give up until I win. You can live your dream”, Avelino said.

Adelaida Valencia, one of the Filipino graduates of the financial education program, shared her her experience.

“Enrich not only moulded me to be more knowledgeable, but also enlightened me to see the error of my ways. (It has) given me tools, and equipped me to face challenges”, she said.
Enrich executive director Lenlen Mesina thanked the graduates for their hard work and dedication, but emphasized the importance of continuing their quest for knowledge and information.

“If you want a brighter future for your loved ones, you have to start investing in a brighter future for yourselves”, Mesina said.

She further encouraged them to share the knowledge and be ambassadors to their family and friends.

Family and friends of the graduates, and the employers of some, also attended the ceremony.

Aside from the financial and empowerment educ-ation program, Enrich has also begun giving an investment lecture series early this year, to be followed by a business develop-ment series.

For inquiries, please visit Enrich HK’s Facebook page or their website
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