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Day 7: More people fail to vote

16 April 2016

More would-be voters failed to cast their ballots on Friday, Apr 15, in the ongoing overseas voting for the 2016 national elections at the Bayanihan Center in Kennedy Town.
The daily total fell to 366 yesterday from 434 on Thursday, despite the weather improving after four days of rain.
With 24 days to go in the month-long overseas voting, the seven-day total of votes cast stood at 6,696 yesterday.
Bayanihan staff counted 428 people arriving at the polling center as of 3pm, but not all were able to vote because their names had either been delisted, they were not listed, or they were registered elsewhere.
As of 3pm on Friday, 17 people had failed to vote for various reasons.
Each case was referred by Consulate staff to the Comelec head office in Manila for verification
The number of voters in Hong Kong whose names were missing from the Comelec’s voters list has now reached 147.
Across Bayanihan, Migrante members and other political supporters hung some banners on the roadside railing but collected them after the polls closed. There had been confusion the other day about hanging streamers after staff from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department removed all the banners and told the supporters they must secure a permit to display them there.
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