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Filipina badly hurt in Admiralty stairs fall

12 April 2016

By Vir B. Lumicao
Filipina gets emergency treatment

A Filipina domestic worker was taken on an ambulance to Queen Mary Hospital yesterday, Apr 11, after she slipped on a stairway at Admiralty Centre and could not move apparently due to a hip injury.

Officials of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office said they could not visit her in hospital because the employer could not remember the maid’s surname.

“We’ll wait until tomorrow, perhaps by then her employer would be able to give us her surname,” said Labor Attache Jalilo de la Torre.

“She is in great pain and can hardly talk,” De la Torre said.
The accident happened at about 3:20pm as the woman, who identified herself to POLO staff as Mary Jane, was on her way to Admiralty Centre Tower 1 clutching a plastic envelope of documents.
The SUN alerted Assistant Labor Attache Henry Tianero after the building’s management staff were seen assisting the woman lying in extreme pain on the steps of the stairway of the footbridge to United Centre. 

Tianero was at the scene in two minutes, followed by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration nurse Joshua Villa. The nurse asked for the victim’s name and phone number and Tianero called her employer.

The employer was reportedly shocked by the call and promised to confer with POLO officials immediately.

Mary Jane struggled to tell her name to Villa but she managed to say that she was descending the stairs when she felt dizzy and did not know what happened next. The OWWA nurse said the woman could have injured her hipbone.

The management staff immediately attended to her and called for an ambulance to take the Filipina to hospital.

Mary Jane could not move her left hip and leg and cried in pain each time the ambulance attendants tried to carry her onto a foldable wheelchair. She waited for a few more minutes until they returned with a stretcher.
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