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Friends of Bethune House relives Pinoy games again

07 November 2016

By Jo Campos 
One of the games featured: Luksong tinik.

Traditional Filipino games such as sungka, luksong tinik, bunong braso, sipa, patintero and basagan ng palayok again highlighted the annual Palarong Pinoy organized by Friends of Bethune House and held on Oct 16 at bus 13 terminus in Central.

The annual celebration which  started in 1997 aims to preserve and focus on Philippine culture by organizing games most Filipinos grew up with.It's also an attempt to bring back the days when life was simpler,, and kids actually played together, instead of spending  much of their time in front of electronic gadgets.

The FBH games also serve to symbolize friendship and camaraderie among Filipino migrant workers and other individuals who joined the event.

FBH, which was founded 23 years ago, is pledged to support Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge by organising fund raising and solicitation campaigns for the shelter. - JC
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