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HK-based Pinoy artists join campaign for human rights

22 March 2017

Participating artists strike a pose at the main gallery of FEU.

Former HK migrant worker Xyza Cruz-Bacani and resident William Elvin have joined hands to take part in an artists-led campaign for human rights in the Philippines which was unveiled amid tight security at the FEU campus in Manila on Mar. 9.

“Hudyat: Filipino Artists for Human Dignity” is a multi-media exhibit showcasing works depicting the state of human rights in the Philippines, from the martial law era of the ‘70s to the ‘80s, to the recent spate of extra judicial killings associated with the government’s anti drugs campaign.

The exhibitors are led by National Artist BenCab, and also include writer/poet Pete Lacaba, journalist Sheila Coronel, visual artists Julie Lluch, Bogie Tence Ruiz and Antipas Delotavo, and photojournalists Raffy Lerma and Ric Rocamora.

Among those who spoke eloquently about the need to speak out against human rights violations were Lerma and Rappler reporter Patricia Evangelista, who have both had close encounters with EJK victims.

Lerma said seeing the spate of killings made him realize that one could not stand idly by and not speak up against those responsible.

Evangelista said that up to 27 people were killed  in Manila in just one night, and more than 7,000 in the first seven months of President Rodrigo Duterte’s rule.

“Is opposition to the killings opposition to the government? It is not,” she said.

Lluch, whose statement was read by her daughter, said: “One man killed is one man too many...We are not against the war on drugs but the clandestine killings of so many”.

The exhibit runs until Mar. 25. Those intending to visit are requested to register beforehand at or via the FB page, Hudyat Filipino Artists for Human Dignity. —DCLM

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