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Mother’s Day musings from prison

11 May 2020

Christine's letter came with this card she hand-made and illustrated

From Christine, Inmate No 395450
Lo Wu Correctional Institute

(This article was sent by post by one of our correspondents from the Lo Wu correctional facility for women. The author is serving a long prison sentence for trafficking nearly 2 kilos of cocaine into Hong Kong - drugs she said, she did not know were hidden inside a suitcase she was asked to carry by a friend. Christine does not live on regrets, though, and now makes the most of her time in prison by pursuing courses,  writing, sketching (the illustrations in the attached photos were all done by her) and focusing on getting an early release so she can be with her three children again).

When I was a kid my only dream was to travel around the world, have my own family and be a mother.

I’ve always known that being a mother is a tough job. You work 24/7 without a salary, and what you get as compensation is the love and care of your children – but that’s priceless.
I was on my way to fulfilling my dreams, until one day a bad thing happened, something I never expected. There’s nothing to be proud of, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of, either. I believe that everything in our life happens for a reason. My incarceration does not lessen my dignity as a person because all human beings make mistakes. But it takes a strong woman to admit that she has made a mistake.

Although what I have done cannot be undone, I strongly believe that there’s still a way to correct it. Now, I keep trying to do what is the right thing to do. I learned from my failures and I  have used that knowledge to make me a better person.
Every page of her letter was decorated with a sunflower Christine had so painstakingly painted

I am grateful for all the people who have joined the roller coaster that is my life. Because of their love and support I have overcome all of life’s difficulties and trials.

I also thank the people who dropped me from their lives after what happened. Because of them I have become much stronger and brave enough to endure all kinds of pain so that I am now able to stand on my own and step forward again. The scars from my pain will always remind of life’s valuable lessons.
As a mother we always want to give the best to our children for they are the most important people in our life. It is for them that we keep on striving so that they may have a better future. We try to give them everything that they need – even the impossible, if we can afford it – just to make them feel better.

A mother will always try to do everything for her children. I should know. I still have my mother, and I am a mother, too.

Salute to all mothers on this special occasion. Happy Mother’s Day.
Christine ended her letter on an upbeat tone

PS. “This prison situation is so much more than just prison. It is a journey that will eventually enable us to find out who we are and we are living for. I am here in prison not just to live a live but to build a life…”

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