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Latest accuser of Hang Hau stalker says he’s stolen her HK ID to blackmail her

18 December 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Many Filipinas say the alleged predator often hangs around the Hang Hau MTR station

An alleged sex predator in Tseung Kwan O who usually hangs out at Hang Hau MTR Station to look for victims has reportedly stolen the Hong Kong ID card of a Filipina helper who has fallen into his trap, and is using it to blackmail her into seeing him again.

Hong Kong police, contacted about the man’s deceptive capers, said they look at such activity as “very serious allegations” and suggested his alleged victims prepare individual statements detailing what had happened so action can be taken.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Some groups that are in touch with the alleged victims say they will try to convince the women to file a complaint so the predator can be finally held to account.

Women who have had encounters with the man from as far back as 10 years ago say he has gone by several names, such as Martin currently, and Gordon, Mr Poon, Yara, Kenny, or Achilles. Others have taken to calling him “Doraemon.”

Call now!

The latest case unraveled after the alleged victim sought advice from a Facebook group, the Domestic Workers Corner. She said her Chinese boyfriend, who it turned out was the alleged predator, said she should return to his flat this Monday if she wants to get back her ID card.

The Filipina said in her post a few days ago that she needed her ID badly, as she has signed up for a new job and is just waiting for her visa from the Immigration Department. But she is reluctant to report to the police for fear of losing that job.


Twice na po ako nakapunta sa bahay nila. Last kong punta nung Friday…magkikita po sana kami kahapon dun ulit sa bahay nila. Pero di po ako nakipagkita. Kasi balak ko po na dina talaga magpapakita sa kanya, kasi nga po takot ako na baka may asawa siya at mahuli kami,” the woman said.

(I’ve been to their house twice. The last time was on Friday. We were supposed to meet again at their house yesterday but I did not show up. I really don’t want to see him again because I’m scared that he has a wife and she’d catch us in the act).


The problem was, said the woman, her boyfriend had stolen the HKID card from her bag while she was in the toilet.

Tapos, kung gusto ko daw makuha ang ID ko, punta ako sa bahay nila sa Monday at i-treat ko daw siya ng maayos tapos gusto niya late na ako uuwi,” the helper said.

(Then, he said if I wanted to get my ID back, I should go back to their house on Monday and to treat him nicely. Then he wants me to leave late).

She said she was confused and afraid of what the man would do if she returned to his flat.

Readers commenting on The SUN Hong Kong’s earlier report on “Mr Hang Hau” reckon his predatory activity has been going on as early as 2010 with scores of victims along the way.

A Filipino driver had posted about reporting the man to the police in 2018, but has yet to give an update on what has happened to his complaint.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang kwentong Dream Love

Many other members of the community who have taken to calling the man a “maniac” for luring women into his trap, and then raping those he could not sweet-talk into going to bed with him, are wondering why he is still able to move around freely until now.

Officers of PathFinders Limited, who say they tried to help three women who the man had gotten pregnant go to the police, said they were told that it would be difficult to build a case on just “he said, she said” situations.


The same view was echoed by Consulate officers who said that, in the absence of witnesses or hard evidence, it would be the women’s word against the alleged predator’s.

They said the women should be careful not to go alone with a stranger to his flat as anything could happen.

Some harsh comments online had been directed at the alleged victims, who they blamed for being “gullible.” They cautioned that workers, no matter how desperate, should not snap up any job offers that come along.

Press for details

Others were more compassionate, saying Filipinas are too friendly to the point that they become all too trusting even towards strangers.

Going by the alleged victims’ accounts, the man did seem to have leveraged on the congenial nature of Filipinos and their being stressed from work or financially burdens, to carry off his scam.

Pindutin para sa detalye

His would-be targets say his modus was to approach them at MTR stations or parks and ask if they knew someone who could work for him fulltime or part-time, offering above-market salary of $5,500 for relatively light duties such as looking after kids and cleaning.

One reader said she was once approached by the man in Yau Tong in 2018 with the same ploy. When told that he was looking for a helper the Filipina said she had friends back home who wanted to work in Hong Kong. But after getting her phone number, the man called and began making indecent proposals.

Another helper said she, her sister and some friends were sitting in a park in Tiu Keng Leng last year when a man who looked like the alleged predator approached them, then suddenly exposed himself. The women got scared and screamed, while one of them banged a nearby door, so the man walked away.

Readers swear they have seen him in Hang Hau and other estates in Tseung Kwan O District, in such public places as MTR stations, parks and shops; while other sightings had placed him as far away as Shatin.

It is no surprise that the man has not run out of places to stalk Filipina migrants, as many seek refuge in the outdoors to rest their weary body and spirit. These bone-tired, lonely and needy women will always be easy prey for sweet-talking and money-flashing fraudsters.

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