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Don’t lie, OFWs in money laundering scam told, as more arrested

27 January 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Syndicate members used the Filipinas' ATM cards to launder money through their bank accounts

Two more Filipino domestic helpers have been arrested by police in connection with a money laundering scam in which migrant women were convinced to hand over their ATM cards for moving huge amounts of illicit money.

This was disclosed today, Jan. 27, by the Consulate, which said that all the six workers arrested so far had contacted the assistance to nationals section for advice regarding their predicament.

But Consul Paulo Saret, who heads ATN, said he could not confirm reports that 11 others had been arrested.

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He said two of the accused had gone to the ATN to fill up reporting forms, one was arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport as she tried to fly out, and three had called but have not yet shown up.

He said earlier that two of the six were picked up by police in Tuen Mun and another two in Tseung Kwan O.

Saret said ATN staff had been advising the so-called “willing victims” to tell the truth and cooperate with the police investigating the scam to get hold of the perpetrators.


He urged other workers who have fallen prey to the money laundering syndicate to contact the Consulate for advice.

One of those arrested lied to police about losing her ATM card

Earlier, two of the workers told The SUN that they were fired by their employers after learning of their involvement in the illegal operation.

The two, C.P. and M.N., said they were deceived into the scheme when they responded to an online offer of part-time jobs that would pay $2,000 or more a week.


M.N. said she learned about that job offer from a friend who heard of their financial need and gave them a phone number to call. She and C.P. contacted the number and a Filipina said all they had to do was to open a bank account where their earnings would be paid.

The woman directed them to an HSBC branch where another Filipina helped them in opening accounts. The woman then collected the ATMs that were issued to them on the spot, saying the businessmen hiring them needed the cards for a week.

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On the advice of friends, one of the women told the police following her arrest that she lost her ATM.

The two workers said they were surprised to get online notices from the bank about unusual activity in their accounts, but when they told their Filipina contact about this, she told them to just delete the messages.

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C.P. said she panicked when police knocked on her employers’ door to arrest her. M.N. got scared upon hearing that her friend and a few others had been arrested since mid-January.

All the workers have been dismissed from work after their arrest and are now living in boarding houses, except for the one picked up at the airport who is now in detention, 

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