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Filipina DH loses job after being publicly harassed by ex-bf

04 March 2021

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The helper's belongings strewn on a pavement after she was terminated on the spot

A 30-year-old Filipina domestic helper lost her job Wednesday after her former boyfriend whom she claimed to have been harassing her for nearly two years pounced on her at her ward’s kindergarten school in Tseung Kwan O.

The 39-year-old Indian man, who holds recognizance papers that prevent him being deported, caused such a commotion that the Filipina had to shout for help, and the school to call 999 for assistance.

Unfortunately for her, the school felt compelled to call her employers, who immediately rushed to the scene, and after talking with the police, decided to fire her on the spot.

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According to the Filipina, her former boyfriend had tried to grab her bag with her wallet and telephone, then harangued her afterwards on the schoolyard.

She said the man had been stalking her for nearly two years, alternately threatening her and creating fake accounts in her name on Facebook, and demanding money.

On the advice of people she recently consulted about her case, she stopped giving money to the man and responding to his messages through phone and her Facebook account.

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That appeared to have enraged the man that he decided to waylay her.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the incident at 9:50am at the kindergarten on Lohas Park Rd. But she said officers who responded to a 999 call from the school had released the man and logged the incident as a “financial dispute case.”

The spokeswoman said normally no arrest is made in dispute cases. That meant the man in question was able to walk free after questioning at the police station in Po Lam.


The Filipina was supposed to be interviewed by the police in turn, after talking to the man and her male employer at the station.

However, after she was fired, her employers decided to take her immediately to the Labour Relations Division office in Kai Tak to settle their financial obligations to her.

They left her there afterwards, and staff at the office gave her until 6:30pm to clear her stuff and look for a place to stay.


Luckily, a hostel in Kowloon had space, and agreed to take her in after The SUN interceded on her behalf.

The Filipina, who was emotional as she narrated the incident, said she had been repeatedly embarrassed by the man who had falsely accused her of embezzling $78,000 of his money, forcing his mango business to collapse.

But she said the man had concocted the tale after failing to get her to reconcile with him and continue subsidizing his needs. She said the man, being a torture claimant, had no money as he was not allowed to work while fighting deportation from Hong Kong.\

All that he had given her during the brief time that they were together were worthless trinkets, said the helper. But he had allegedly been telling other people that she left him after accepting valuable gifts, and skimming money off him

The Filipina said that after she had recovered from her nightmarish experience, she would file a formal complaint against the man for stalking, blackmailing and smearing her and her 14-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Among the evidence she showed were photos of her daughter on a fake Facebook account allegedly created by her tormentor in which she was made to appear to be offering the girl for sex.

The helper said she met the Indian man on an online dating site, badoo, in March 2019. She was impressed because he introduced himself as a worker at Justice Centre Hong Kong and had a mango business with several shops across the city.

He also claimed he was a doctor’s son and was deputy chief of a firm called Biotechnical Medicine Lab, receiving a salary of $50,000 a month, she said.

Their friendship became intimate in July 2019. Soon, the man was allegedly badgering her about opening an account and taking out a loan at DBS Bank or Bank of East Asia. He also pestered her for a copy of her passport and Hong Kong ID but she refused.

The worker said she thought she had shaken off her tormentor when she moved to her employers in Lohas Park last August after finishing her contract with a family in Tin Shui Wai.

But the man was able to find her and had since been stalking and trying to get hold of her until the incident yesterday morning.

Since breaking off with the man, she said she had been blackmailed into giving him thousands of dollars, leaving her depressed and destitute.


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