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HK to update jab records of residents so they avoid UK quarantine

19 September 2021

By The SUN 

Vaccinated HK visitors can only skip quarantine in UK if their birth date is in their vaccination card

Hong Kong is updating its vaccination records to include dates of birth so its fully vaccinated residents won’t be required to go into quarantine if they travel to the United Kingdom starting Oct 4.

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The government said the Food and Health Bureau is working on the update to make Hong Kong’s vaccination records compliant with international travel rules, including those of the UK.


The UK government has announced that from 4am on Oct 4, the rules for international travel to that country will change from the red, amber, green three-tier traffic light system to a single red list. 


Except for those with residence rights in the UK, travelers who have been to places on the red list in the past 10 days will be denied entry.


Hong Kong is currently on the green list, which allows its residents, even those without residency in the UK, to enter. But they must be fully vaccinated with a specified Covid-19 vaccine by the relevant health authorities in their place of origin at least 14 days before arrival to be exempted from quarantine. They also need to get tested on the second day of their arrival.


Under the new system, the arrivals from Hong Kong must also have their dates of birth shown on their vaccination record to join the “safe list” so its travelers can skip the pre-departure test and quarantine.


Those who have not completed vaccination will need to undergo self-quarantine for 10 days and get tested on the second and eighth day of arrival. They also need to take Covid-19 tests within 3 days before departure and get another test on the second day of arrival. If they test negative, they won’t be quarantined.

The government said it has been notified by Britain of the changes. 

HK's electronic vaccination cards do not carry the vaccinated person's date of birth

“The Food and Health Bureau is working out the necessary arrangements to add the information of date of birth to the vaccination records to comply with the latest requirements of the UK Government,” the government said.

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“We will announce the details once the relevant arrangement is in place,” it added.

Acting British Consul General to Hong Kong, Tamsin Heath, tweeted on Saturday that the SAR’s vaccine certificate does not meet Britain’s minimum criteria and that the UK is working with the Hong Kong government for a swift solution.

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