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CE reveals plan to further tighten gathering restrictions

04 February 2022

By The SUN 

CE Lam says among the measures being considered is to include public transport in the vaccine pass

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has unveiled a series of steps to counter the worsening pandemic situation in Hong Kong, including purchasing more than 10 million rapid antigen testing kits which will be distributed to all residents free of charge.

Speaking at a press conference late this afternoon, the CE said the plan is to allow more people to get tested in the comfort of their homes, without the need to queue up at testing centers.

She said taking the antigen test is voluntary, and no rules will be attached, such as providing a report on the outcome. The kits are expected to arrive as early as next week.


In the past few days, government officials have been distributing the antigen kits to people in high-risk places, including those where the sewage sample has tested positive for coronavirus.

The CE also revealed that the Executive Council is set to consider stricter social distancing measures when it meets next week, but did not give details, saying policy matters are still subject to deliberation by councilors.

The plan is to further limit the number of people on the streets, after studies showed that far more people continue to go out and gather during the current wave of infections than they did during previous waves.


CE Lam also said executive councilors are due to discuss the government's proposal to expand the planned "vaccine pass" arrangement to cover more premises, as well as people who use public transport.

"It is controversial for public transport, some people support it and some don't. Law enforcement is also another point to consider," the CE said.

Part of the plan is to use Penny's Bay for isolating Covid-19 patients with little or no symptoms

Another measure being considered is the conversion of Penny’s Bay Quarantine Center into an isolation facility for Covid patients with few or no symptoms.

Pindutin para sa detalye
However, she said this arrangement will only be implemented when the Covid situation worsens further.

Despite record infections being posted in recent days and the surge in cases with unknown sources, the CE stressed that the government remains committed to pursuing its “dynamic zero-Covid” policy.

Press for details

"At the moment, [containment] is still our best policy and strategy for Hong Kong. It has proven to be effective in helping Hong Kong to suppress the previous waves in allowing people to get back to their normal work," Lam said. "Achieving dynamic zero is still our best target."

The chief executive urged Hong Kong people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, saying that's the most effective way to combat the virus.


Eventually, she said the requirement under the vaccine pass strategy will be tightened  from a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine to include the booster dose.


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