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Covid-19 cases in HK surge to 34,466, with 124 new deaths reported

28 February 2022

By Daisy CL Mandap 

CHP says it has received 120k reports of positive cases yesterday but were mostly from rapid tests

The number of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong surged to a new record high of 34,466 Monday, adding to the burden of an already overwhelmed public health care system.

The biggest number of the confirmed cases, 28,487, came from private laboratories while the rest were reported from public laboratories run by the Hospital Authority and the Centre for Health Protection.

But the record tally may just be the tip of the iceberg as Dr Albert Au of the CHP’s Infectious Disease Branch said they received reports yesterday from about 120,000 people who said they had tested positive.

Of these, he said about 56,000 had confirmed PCR test results, so they suspect the bigger number had tested positive using rapid antigen tests (RATs). He did not make it clear why the confirmed cases reported today were far fewer than any of these numbers.

Dr Au repeated the assurance that an online platform will be set up soon so people who received positive RAT results could upload their personal information “so we can count them as confirmed cases.”

He also warned of further surges, saying recent data showed a very high rate of increase, and that it doubles every three days.


Dr Larry Lee, a chief manager at the Hospital Authority, reported a total of 124 new deaths resulting from Covid-19, with 87 of them being recorded in the past 24 hours. The remaining 37 deaths happened between Feb 19 and 25, and were not reported on time.

The most recent fatalities comprised 59 males and 28 females, aged between 51 and 100 years old.

Lee said 79 of the patients were aged 65 and above, and 49 came from care homes.

Sixty had no vaccination at all, while 10 had one dose of a vaccine, while the remaining 10 had two jabs each.


Three of the patients were below 50, but had chronic diseases. They passed on two to six days after being rushed to hospital with severe symptoms like fever, shortness of breath, vomiting and brain hemorrhage. They tested positive on admission to hospital.

The 37 who died earlier were made up of 23 males and 14 females, aged 37 to 105 years old. The youngest of the patient was said to be in a care home because of a chronic ailment.

He was admitted to hospital with fever, and was discharged on Feb 25 after his condition improved. However, he was sent back the next day because of severe symptoms, and died  in the afternoon of the same day.

The latest fatalities took Hong Kong’s total death toll from Covid-19 to 841, of which 690 were recorded in the fifth wave of infections which began end of December last year.

Corpses are stuck in the A&E departments of some hospitals because morgues are full

Dr Lee also said the surge in deaths in the past two weeks has caused a gridlock in transferring corpses from the emergency rooms of hospitals to the city’s three mortuaries.

He said authorities are looking at expanding the morgues’ capacity of 3,000.

Another problem is the increasing number of HA staff who contract the virus. Lee said that so far, 3,160 health care workers have been infected.

The virus has also continued to spread among care homes across Hong Kong, and doctors say they see the number of cases rising further in the short term.


Dr Au said yesterday, 49 care facilities reported infections, 46 of which were elderly homes, while the three catered to disabled patients. Those affected consisted of 62 staff and 430 residents.

The homes are mostly located in Kowloon, with a few scattered across Hong Kong and the New Territories.

A total of 580 care homes have been affected by the coronavirus so far, and they involve 2,600 residents and 865 staff.

Dr. Au is urging everyone, especially the elderly, who have not been vaccinated to please do so as soon as possible. He also repeated the appeal for people to stay at home if possible because of the relentless spread of the virus.


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