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Rich and generous

31 March 2016

By Francisco J. Colayco

Allow me to greet all of us a very Happy and Blessed Easter!  Easter is again an appropriate time to review our generosity.
Some of the richest people in the world are also the most generous. Is giving/charity/donation, etc. something you believe to be also a healthy lifestyle of any financially successful individual or organization?
Some of today’s super rich people who are truly admirable are the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.
Both of them give so much to charity, in fact, to the “detriment” of their own children, to a certain degree. They specifically plan to limit the amount that their children will inherit and give the bigger bulk to various charitable and research developmental options they choose.  Of course, there is so much for them to bequeath to their children so that the children will not really feel it if they don’t get everything.  Nevertheless, it is a more common practice of the super-rich to give more to their children as a priority and balance to others.
I may not emphasize the spiritual aspect of growing our wealth when I talk or give seminars and write books and articles.  This is because 99% of those who read or listen to me are eager to learn not only for themselves but also for their family and for those who are dear to them.  People with this kind of mindset, I believe, are already in the sharing mode.  They are, by nature, generous.  The 1% who are not generous will learn eventually.  I am a strong believer of the principle: “The more you give, the more you receive.” And “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
But how will you give if you do not have anything to give?  Precisely, this is the basis of my advocacy to teach how to grow, protect, spend wisely so that we can SHARE.
If you are one of those who can understand the concepts and basics of saving and investing, you are blessed because you can use what you learn.  Some have a more difficult time and need more support and encouragement.  Nevertheless, it is everybody’s obligation to learn to grow their wealth precisely because we cannot share what we don’t have.
Companies that have the opportunity to help their employees should do so.  They help their employees become financially educated and not dependent on credit cards and credit union loans.
Saving is really PAYING YOURSELF FIRST.  When you pay yourself, you are saving your money instead of paying the storeowner or the product manufacturer.  Savings is your expense to buy a good future.  It is now “ON SALE” because you are being given special offers to learn how to improve your Savings Expense.  Don’t let such an important item on sale pass you by!

Francisco J. Colayco is an entrepreneur, a venture developer and financial advisor.  He is the founder of Colayco Financial Education and the Kapatiran sa Kasaganaan Service and Multipurpose Cooperative which have developed businesses in banking and finance, real estate, food, agriculture and others.  He is the author of seven bestsellers in the Pera Palaguin Series, the latest of which is now available in ookstores:  “Wealth Reached. Money Worked. Pera Mo, Pinalago Mo!” Find his works and catch him on TV and radio.  Check out: www.colayco,,, FaceBook and Instagram.
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