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HK-based musician-writer William Elvin launches first single as contract artist

25 July 2021

 By The SUN 

William Elvin is now one of a select group of Filipino musicians signed up by O/C Records
(photo courtesy of Leeh Ann Hidalgo and Rilina Ameerah)

Hong Kong-based singer and songwriter William Elvin has just released his first single under O/C Records, after being an independent artist for almost two decades.

The newly released track, ‘Ang Sabi Nila,’ became a cult favorite among Filipino theater lovers after it was included as a soundtrack of the hit musical play, ‘Mula Sa Buwan,’ the Filipino adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, which William Elvin had co-written with his friend, Pat Vale.


O/C Records, which was launched three years ago, is co-owned by Kean Cipriano, Callalily frontman; and his wife, actress Chynna Ortaleza, along with Viva Entertainment’s Vic del Rosario.

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The song's release under O/C records is William’s way of retelling the story that he first shared in his famous play. While the song’s instrumental and arrangement for the musical play was intended to sound grand and lush, this new version takes a sparser approach as it scales back to the original arrangement, evoking a feeling of yearning, isolation and loneliness.


William Elvin says ‘Ang Sabi Nila’, which he wrote around 2002-2003 in his hot and dusty bedroom in Fairview, Quezon City, chronicles the gentle stream of his heartbreak experiences.

“This song is basically about dwelling on painful memories, not just romantic ones, but every painful memory you carry as a person,” he explains.

When he wrote it, William Elvin was still playing with a rock band, exploring his musical influences and figuring out his songwriting voice. The song built his confidence about his lyrical and musical capabilities, said the artist.


“I just want listeners to know that while it is okay to dwell on painful memories – whatever they may be, and we all have a few – the only way to move forward is to let go of it,” he shares, but adds that this may be easier said than done, as music is meant to be cathartic.

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William Elvin, who used to write for The SUN, is now connected with a leading PR firm in Hong Kong.  

'Ang Sabi Nila’, released on July 23rd, is now out on all digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Here’s a link to William Elvin singing it on YouTube:

Watch and listen to William Elvin and Kuya Q on "Tribong Pinoy," a show they co-host live on  The SUN Hong Kong Facebook page on alternate Wednesdays, 9:30pm to 10:30 pm.




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