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Fate falls to SCAA in rainy duel

14 April 2016

By Emz Gaborno

Fate A fought fiercely in the third inning to make up for lost ground in the first two, but errors foiled the attempt, allowing their rivals SCAA Diamond to clinch victory, 5-4, at rain-soaked Tin Kwong Road field on Jan 3.
Zenny Badajos, batting first for the away team, struck the ball to the outfield and ran safely to first base.
But she was stuck on first base as batters Emelie Mabaquiao and Don Gaborno were caught standing out by fast balls of pitcher Wong Cho-hei.
A subsequent pitching error by Wong gave Ma. Eva Mendez a free walk to first base and allowed Badajos to advance to second. Sherlyn Gamata struck the ball next, but she was put out on first base.
At SCAA’s turn to bat, Cho Kiu blasted the ball to the outfield and cruised safely to first base, but was later put out on the second. Chan Sze-lam was caught by Mabaquiao on a fly ball. Tang Ng-man slammed the ball to the center outfield for a safe passage to second base.
Chan sailed to home base unstopped when Leung Tsz-yan struck another outfield ball that took her to third base. But Leung failed to reach the home base when Chan Sze-yan was called standing out.
Rainy weather turned the field muddy, slowing the match as both teams slogged on the boggy field and became vulnerable.
Cherry Octaviano was caught standing out in the second inning, while Romela Osabel hit the ball to the left outfield then raced to second base. Eunice Locop was also called standing out.
The Filipinas’ hopes rose when Marivic de Guia helped base runner Osabel dash to home base with a powerful hit to the center outfield. De Guia herself ran safely to first base.
Badajos then slammed the ball to the center outfield, enabling her to run safely to first base and De Guia to second. But the two base runners were stuck on the plate when Mabaquiao was called standing out.
Wong was first on the batting plate for the locals in the second inning but was caught out by Badajos on a fly ball. Leung Tsz-hei was also caught on a pass ball by Gaborno to first baseman Osabel.
Then a pitching error by Gaborno allowed batter Lee Hoi-ling to run to first base. Lee race to home base unhampered when Lui Yi-nok struck the ball to the outfield to gain safe passage up to second base.
Cho Kiu also struck the ball, but Analiza Ocampo put her out on a fly ball.
The played a tight game in the third inning with Fate determined to a score in order to overtake Diamond. The Filipinas successfully made three via Gaborno, Ma. Eva Mendez and Gamata to lift Fate, 4-2.
But the locals were equally eager to win the battle against the Filipinas, also scoring three runs courtesy of Chan Sze-lam, Tang and Chan Sze-yan to win the match, 5-4.

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