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Filipina insists rape, not ‘consensual sex’ with boss

15 April 2016

“No! We had no sexual relations. He was my boss. What would his wife think of me!”

Thus said a Filipina maid who accused her 66-year-old boss of raping her in March and October 2014 and indecently assaulting her “almost everyday” since September 2013.

Parrying questions by the defense lawyer in the High Court on Apr 14 and 15, the complainant vehemently denied the defense lawyer’s imputation that she had sexual relations with the defendant, Lee Man-biu.

The 48-year-old mother angrily denied during cross-examination by Barrister Oliver Davies that she and Lee had had intimate moments touching each other’s body on the sofa while Lee’s wife and daughter were in China.

She said that after signing her fifth contract with the family, Lee squeezed her breasts and said: “Don’t tell the police. I will throw you out the window. You and me die.”

Hidden from the gallery behind a white plyboard divider, the complainant fought back as the lawyer obviously tried to confuse and force her into making inconsistent statements.

The second day of the cross-examination dwelt on the alleged rape on Oct 13, 2014.

Lee, who is out on bail, sat quietly in the dock while the seven-man jury listened intently as the complainant spoke. The defendant’s wife and other relatives were in the gallery.

The complainant said that during the times the man’s wife Joan and his daughter Gwen were in China, she was scared because he would indecently assault her “almost everyday” and hit her in the head if she resisted.

At one point during the cross-examination the woman admitted the employer paid her $5,000. She also admitted she had kept $60,000 in her room, money that she would take home.

On the alleged rape on Oct 13, 2014, the lawyer imputed that Lee did not rape her but that what happened between them was “consensual sex”.

“No! I was raped. He was strong and my body ached afterwards and my back was painful because he bit me when I turned and tried to get up,” the woman said.

The lawyer asked why on the night of Oct 13, 2014, when the alleged rape occurred, the complainant told responding police officers not to stay out of Lee’s sight.

“Because I did not want him to kill himself. He told me if I tell the police, he would throw me out of the window and we both die.”

Davies suggested that the complainant offered sex to Lee because she wanted to go home to the Philippines and needed the money to pay a debt there.

The complainant angrily punctuated her answers with sobbing during the two-day cross-examination as Davies tried to establish a basis for doubt in her statements.

After Davies rested his case, the prosecutor took his turn and asked the Filipina where she was taken by police on the night she called them for help.

She said she was taken to a hospital in Tsuen Wan and then to another hospital in Wanchai for medical examination.

When asked by the prosecutor, she replied that the doctor in the second hospital rubbed moist cotton buds on her body, her back and her legs. The prosecutor asked where else and she answered in her vagina. Her testimony ended there.

Justice Toh adjourned the court after at the morning break. The trial will continue on Monday, April 18, with other witnesses to be called to give evidence.

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