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Jim’s Brazilian Chicken Rice

29 April 2016


1 medium chicken, cleaned and cut into pieces
4 sausages (Johnsonville Polish sausages), cut into thick slices
1 large tin plum tomatoes
1 cup rice
Ahandful of pitted green olives
1 medium onion, cut into slices
1 eggplant, cut into thick slices
1 cup chicken stock
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium chili pepper, minced
3 tbsp. soy sauce
olive oil

1) In a large Dutch oven or stock pot, pour in a good slug of olive oil. Turn on the heat, and when the pan is hot, add the minced garlic and chili. Then add the onion and sauté till fragrant.
2) Add the chicken and let it braise over high heat, turning it in order to brown evenly.
3) At this point, grind in some black pepper. Remember that the dish is supposed to be a bit spicy.
4) When the chicken is browned, add the sausage, eggplant olives and tomatoes and soy sauce
5) Lastly, add the cup of rice
6) Cover and continue to simmer over low heat for about an hour, or cook in the over
7) When the rice is soft enough to eat, then your dish is ready. Ideally, the stock or other liquid in the mixture has all been absorbed or reduced.
8) Garnish with freshly chopped coriander.

(This dish ought to have the approximate consistency of a risotto. Good for 5-6 servings. Best served together with a simple salad and a light fruity white wine).

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