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Misa de Aguinaldo held anew in Chater Garden

14 April 2016

By Jo Campos

Hundreds of Filipinos attended the annual Misa de Aguinaldo held in Chater Garden on Christmas eve,  jointly organized by the Consulate and the Chaplaincy for Filipinos in Hong Kong.
During the homily, Father Dondon Rollon used the letters in the word "tag", a word commonly used in social media, to tell the faithful what they should always remember to do.
He said T  means to "thank the Lord, Jesus Christ, A is "to adore the Lord", and G to is "to glorify the Lord.
Earlier in the evening, PaStaran, the annual parol making contest was also held, with six entries from different Filipino organizations being put on display in Chater Garden. As in past years, all the lanterns were made of recycled materials and This year's entries were from Bangar Association of HK, Mapandan Pangasinan Federation, Diwa't Kabayan Benlife Society, Luzon Alliance, Guardians Magic Group International Worldwide and Timpuyag ti Bauangenians Society HK.
Bangar Association of Hong Kong won back-to-back as Grand Prize winner and People's Choice, done through Facebook votes.

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