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Nightmares tale delays sexual assault case sentencing

15 April 2016

The child victim’s “persistent nightmares” and “crying in the middle of the night” cited in an impact report has led the District Court to adjourn until Friday, Apr 15, the sentencing of a Filipina maid found guilty of indecently assaulting her male ward.
Judge Johnny Chan delayed the sentencing at the request of the Filipina’s lawyer, John Hemmings, who said he needed time to study the report and consider the “new elements” in the case that were brought up by the report.
The Filipina, a self-confessed lesbian, was convicted on Mar 4 of indecently assaulting her then eight-year-old male ward three years ago.
The parents discovered the offense when the boy opened up about having been introduced to sex by the maid, identified only as SRM, after learning about sex education at school.
Hemmings said the victim’s persistent nightmares and his waking up crying in the middle of the night were not mentioned by the parents when they gave their evidence in court during the trial.
The lawyer said it was unfair to his client that these new elements were brought up as they could affect the sentence that Judge Chan would impose on her.
He said the content of the impact report under question was inconsistent with the psychological report submitted to the court early in the case.
“The person who prepared that impact report must have been given information by other people,” Hemmings said. “The impact statement is likely to have a significant effect on the sentencing.”
Chan reset the sentencing to 2:30pm on Friday. – Vir B. Lumicao

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