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Faith. Hope. Love

09 March 2017

By Christine
PRN 395450, Lowu Correctional Institution

The day I was arrested, I thought it was the end of my life. Being imprisoned is an intense kind of suffering – bearing all the burdens, being misunderstood and rejected by other people.

Worst of all, missing and being far away from my family. It is another kind of hurt and pain.    

My life here in prison in a foreign land is very hard. No relatives, no family, no visitors. Emptiness is the best to describe it. The language barrier with inmates and jail guards is another big problem.
I feel the loneliness of being alone and broken.

My first few days behind bars were not easy, but with the help of our Lord I’ve overcome my difficulties.

I never doubted God in any circumstance, instead I put all my trust in Him. The rosary and the bible are the only things I have and only prayer is the best thing I could do.

With the help of the missionaries, nuns and priests I was given religious and devotional books. That was the time I had the opportunity to know more about God, and I found myself closer to Him.
I learned more about Jesus and I know that God is always there to protect us if we only believe in Him, that He died to save us from our sins and that He has risen to be our savior.      

I have asked God for forgiveness and promised not to sin again.

Now I know that God has only chastened me to correct my wrongdoings.

He still loves me too much, He doesn’t want me to go back to disobedience, ruining my life, my family’s future, and bring shame to His name.

I learned my lessons from my mistakes.

I still keep my faith in Him, I never lose hope.

I know that God loves me and will free me at His perfect time, at His ideal moment.

I believe that one day I will be reunited with my loved ones, especially with my three wonderful children whom I left behind.

With my Faith, Hope and Love, and my steadfast belief in Lord, Jesus Christ, I will be saved. It is never too late

It’s 2017, a new day, a new year, a new beginning!

Many things have happened since the day I entered this dark tunnel, a life in prison.
I realized I had done so many mistakes and now I want to be changed.

I already asked for God’s forgiveness for all the sins I have committed and for the wrongdoings I have done which caused grief to my family.

I have forgiven myself and those who sinned against me, because I want to start this New Year with a happy and forgiving heart.

At first, I had a hard time accepting my “long-term sentence” but as the days passed by I realized I could

This piece was written by a Filipina who is being held at Lowu on drug-related charges. It was kindly sent to us by mail by our regular correspondent from Stanley prison, Mario de los Reyes, who said he has been encouraging the author to write about her ordeal to warn others, and also as a form of release – Ed

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