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Filcom all abuzz with ‘Tarlac Girl’ sex video

18 March 2017

By Daisy CL Mandap
Tarlac Girl in 2nd part of the video
It is not clear who uncovered it and how it spread, but a three-part sex video featuring a woman who claims to be from Tarlac and works as a domestic helper in Hong Kong has been keeping the Filipino community here abuzz for the past several weeks.
The story has gotten bigger in the telling that in the latest incarnation, either Tarlac Girl or her husband, despondent because of the scandal, had committed suicide.
Another story has it that the woman in the video was the unfortunate Jennifer Laude, a transgender who was killed two years ago by U.S. serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton, whom she had picked up from a bar in Olangapo City, Philippines.
Neither story appears to be true. Though there is a resemblance between Tarlac Girl and Laude, it is not striking.  Besides, case records show Pemberin got enraged when he learned once in bed that Laude was a transgender. Tarlac Girl, on the other hand, is all-woman. 
The first part of the video is clearly labeled '
PorneQ'  and  "AsianSexDiary"
The new sex scandal brings to mind the “Mare-Pare” VCD which sold like hotcakes among Filipinos in Hong Kong in 2008 because it purportedly showed an OFW in Hong Kong making love to her “kumpare” who had stopped over on his way back to work in Saudi Arabia.
On closer inspection of the illicit tape, however, many formed the opinion that the performers were both porn actors because they showed no inhibitions about what they were doing, and even gave their best angles to the camera.
The same appears to be true for the sex video scandal that has rocked the community in recent weeks.
In the first part of the video, the woman is shown coyly telling an unseen partner who was filming her, that she worked as a domestic helper for an Indian family in Hong Kong. The video ends after the fully-endowed woman had disrobed. In the second video, she is seen having sex with the still-unseen man.
Both episodes had many members of the Filcom debating whether her claim to being a HK OFW was true.
Not a few migrant workers believed her, and began spreading the word, while berating the woman for giving shame to their profession.
But the more astute viewers immediately noticed that the woman’s smooth skin and well-preserved body could not have been that of a housemaid’s. Besides, she looked all glanmed up for the part, up to her bikini underwear,  when the script called for a chance sexual encounter with the hidden filmmaker. 
Another observer who has a background in filmmaking told The SUN that the high quality of the video clips indicated that they were made by a professional porn movie maker.
As for “Tarlac Girl”, the analyst said that she was also not new to performing before a camera. The one filming her was no neophyte, either.
Definitely she was performing in front of a quality camera. Kung DH man siya talaga, she got paid to appear in that scene and she agreed to do it,” said the expert.
The third part which surfaced only recently, actually a prequel to the two parts, seems to support these theories. In it, the woman is shown being approached by the still unseen camera man, who asked her to pose for pictures, then invited her to his hotel room. She immediately said yes, then without asking where they were headed, led the man into the hotel.
More tellingly, the video had the words “PorneQ” and “AsianSexDiary” imprinted on it, indicating that it was, indeed, produced as a porn video.
Recently, someone who read the debates on Facebook said she knew the woman, as they had worked together at a casino in Clark Freeport in Pampanga. The source said the woman, who was originally from Tarlac, resigned after getting pregnant. She was no longer in touch with any of their work mates.
Meanwhile, there has been a surfeit of home videos showing plainer looking Filipinas engaging in sex in less fancy settings, in the wake of the buzz over the porn movie.
They include one who did it while standing up, almost fully clothed, with a South Asian male who obviously took delight in showing his face to the camera. Again, there is talk – unconfirmed as in the case of Tarlac Girl - that the Filipina is a domestic worker in Hong Kong.
Whatever may be the truth in these cases, Filipinas are best advised against making the mistake of jumping into the fray.
A number of cases referred to the Consulate in recent months involved Filipina workers being threatened by their erstwhile lovers with having their sex videos posted online, if they didn’t pay up. In most of these cases, the women knew they were being filmed by their lovers. 
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