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Remains of suspected suicide in Yuen Long brought home

02 April 2017

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appears to suggest victim’s  anguish
The remains of a Filipina domestic worker who is suspected to have jumped to her death were brought to her home in Bulacan after a funeral service in Shatin on Mar. 26, attended by family and close friends.

M.S., 35, married with one daughter, was found dead at the bottom of a new footbridge connecting Yoho Midtown to the Grand Yoho mall in Yuen Long on Mar. 15.

Police classified her death as “falling from height”.

She was reportedly seen on the footbridge which is five floors above ground just before she fell. People living around the area reported hearing the siren attached the platform go off, signaling danger, but nobody managed to reach M.S. in time.

A close friend reported the victim had family problems, but another said it was also related to some debts. A few days before she died, the victim reportedly texted a friend asking to borrow $100 because she was broke.

M.S. was also reported to have suffered from depression, way back to the time she worked in Singapore, for which she had to take medication.

She was just in her first contract in Hong Kong.

The Police Public Relations Bureau told The SUN that the woman, aged 35, was found lying unconscious on the pavement on Yuen Long Street outside the mall at around 12:25 pm on Wednesday.

They have classified the case as “a person falling from height”.

An ambulance reportedly rushed the victim unconscious to Pok Oi Hospital in Yuen Long where she was pronounced dead. The PPRB said there was nothing suspicious in the woman’s death and no suicide note was found. – The SUN staff

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