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Start your own herb garden

08 April 2017

By Jo Campos

Herbs and spices are the key ingredients in making a savory dish, whether Asian or European. Sometimes it is hard to find a particular herb in the market when it is not in season, so it might be a good idea to start growing them yourselves. Planting herbs is fun and useful, especially if you cook a lot of dishes using them.

In Hong Kong, this may seem impossible because of the tight living spaces. There are alternatives though, as several herbs and even vegetables can be planted in pots and cultivated indoors, by the window sills or balconies, if you have them. Just a few pots can supply year-long fresh herbs when needed.

Last issue, we talked about different herbs and spices. This issue, let’s try to sow some herb seeds and see what we can come up with. Spring is, after all, the time to grow  herbs.

Here are important tips:
1) Light is the most important element in growing indoor herbs. The ideal spot is an area that receives at least 8 hours of light in a day. It is also best to rotate pots regularly so that they get more exposure to light.
2) Do not over water, as the herbs may not thrive in watery soil.
3) If using pots, make sure to sprinkle the tiny seeds apart so that they do not grow in clumps. Some seedlings grow when replanted but some are too fragile and tend to wilt after replanting.
4) You may also try to use herb growing kits that are freely available in shops.
5) Make sure that the soil is loose to ensure the proper sowing of seeds.

There are also some vegetables that grow in pots so be creative and adventurous! I started with mint, rosemary and thyme in pots and they seem to grow very nicely. Be creative and grow various herbs in a large pot so you can always have a fresh supply of organic herbs the next time you cook your favorite recipe.

Get those green fingers going and start your own organic herb garden.

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