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02 April 2017

The World Report Award/ Documenting Humanity 2017 (Photography contest), organized by the Festival of Ethical Photography is now open. The award will give attention to works focusing on people and their social and cultural stories; public or private, minor or crucial, big human tragedies or petty daily stories, changes and immutability.
These are the five categories in this seventh edition of the award:
1) Master Award: This section is open to all photographers, professionals or amateurs. Entries must consist of min 20 and max 40 images. The prize is 6,000 euros cash.
2) Spot Light Award: This section is open to all photographers who did not receive one of the following awards before Apr 1, 2017: World Press Photo, W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, Pulitzer Prize, POYi Picture of the Year and World Report Award, with exception for the multimedia category.
Entries must consist of min 20 and max 40 images. The photographers, who apply to this session, can also apply to the Master Award session.
The prize is 3,000 euros cash.
3) Short Story Award: Open to all photographers. Entries must consist of min 5 and max 10 images. The prize will be of 1,500 Euros gross cash.
4) European Photographers Award | France 2017: This section focuses on the different nationalities of the European photographers, and this year, it is open to French photographers and is done in collaboration with ManifestO Festival of Toulouse (France). Entries must consist of min 20 and max 40 pictures. The prize is 1,500 euros cash and participation in the Festival of Ethical Photography in 2017 and during the ManifestO Festival in 2018.
5) Single Shot category: The award, which is being given for the first time, will focus on the image’s ability to convey a powerful message, embodying the theme in a single shot.
The theme for this award is “Fertile Solidarity”, which aims to be a hymn to solidarity that generates future progress. The spirit of togetherness is realized through actions which bring and support the progress of our entire society. The prizes are: first prize, 800 euros cash; second prize, 500 euros cash; third prize, 400 euros gross cash.
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