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Filipina pedestrian hit by car, injures foot

16 October 2017

A Filipina domestic worker injured her foot when she was struck by a car while she was crossing Kennedy Road in Central on Oct 8. A video footage of the accident showed there was no pedestrian crossing at the spot where she was hit.                                                                                                             
Police identified the woman by her surname, Salomon. She was 33 years old.     

A police spokeswoman told The SUN that a private car going towards Wanchai had run over Salomon’s right foot. She was reportedly conscious when she was taken to Queen Mary Hospital.

A taxi driver caught the accident on his dashboard video camera and supplied the footage to local news portal On TV, which uploaded the footage.

The video shows a white car going down the road when its left side suddenly hit Salomon, who appeared to be just three steps off the kerb on impact. She fell to the ground and tried to get up briefly but could not.

A female passerby ran to her rescue while the driver, surnamed Cheung, got off the car and also attended to the Filipina until paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital.

Salomon was found to have suffered a twisted ankle and a fractured bone, the Oriental Daily reported.

It is not clear if Salomon is considering filing a claim for compensation over the accident. - VBL
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