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Police gives talk on traffic rules to OFWs

07 December 2017

By Rodelia Villar

Some of the OFW participants
with their instructors.
A total of 26 Filipino migrant workers attended the seminar given by Hong Kong Police on “Traffic Legislation of Hong Kong” which was held at the Central Police Station in Sheung Wan on Nov. 26.

Police Constable Johnson Yam, together with Sgt. Ken Cheung, informed the workers of crossing facilities like footbridges, subways, zebra crossings and the signal-controlled pedestrian crossings that they can use to keep themselves safe from road accidents.

The helpers were told that knowing where to cross safely is very important, especially when they are with their wards on their way to school or other activities.

Yam also reminded the participants to be watchful of their surroundings, especially in car parks where they could be hit by reversing vehicles. The helpers were told to be wary of vehicles’ reverse light and beeping horns.

All were warned to be extra careful when passing behind cars and lorries, where the drivers have very limited vision of what is going on behind their vehicles.

As well, the helpers were told to be on the lookout for signs that have been put up, especially in accident-prone areas.

When using pedestrian crossings, everyone should always make sure that oncoming vehicles are slowing down to prepare to fully stop before they cross the road. At signal-controlled crossings, they should ensure that oncoming vehicles have stopped before crossing the road.

The speakers also talked about penalties imposed on traffic-related offences. Jaywalking carries a maximum fine of $2,000, while not wearing a seatbelt aboard a vehicle could result in three months’ imprisonment, on top of a $5,000 fine. The more serious offence of drunk driving could cost the violator a whopping $25,000 fine plus a 3-year jail time.

The helpers were also told of the very important rule against children using the upper level of double-decker buses because of the lack of safety equipment such as proper hand-rails. Also, there is a possibility of them falling down the stairs, especially if they try to climb up while the bus is moving.

PC Yam showed some accident videos to further encourage the participants to respect traffic rules, and to be always aware of their surroundings.

The participants left the seminar feeling grateful to the two officers who gave the lecture on how they could be responsible pedestrians so they and their wards would be safe from road accidents.

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