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Employer accuses DH of theft, then goes on tour

03 January 2018

A Filipina domestic worker is in jail, facing a charge of theft, after her nurse employer accused her of stealing an earring, then left for a holiday.

Friends of Melinda Estalonio, of Chun Mau House, Ko Chun Court, Yautong, told The SUN she was arrested on the evening of Dec 18, three days before her employers left for an overseas tour.

Estalonio, had worked for her employers for 12 years, and was reportedly looking forward to being paid for long service when she decides to go home for good. 

One of her friends contacted The SUN for help on Dec 22 after they could not contact her about their plan to cook food for a Christmas get-together.

The friends went to the flat earlier that day and knocked on the door but no one answered, so they asked the guard and learned that Estalonio was taken away by the police on the evening of Dec 18.

They went to the Kwuntong police station on Dec 22 but were told she was not there.

With the help of the Consulate’s assistance to nationals section, the helper’s friends were able to locate her on Dec 25 in Tai Lam Women’s Correctional, where she was taken after being charged in court.

One of her friends said Estalonio’s case is set for a hearing in Kwuntong Court on Jan 30. - Vir B. Lumicao

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