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Section Juan goes island hopping

11 January 2018

Many of us who have lived in Hong Kong for years haven’t seen the best of it. Tung Lung Chau is one such gem.

Amidst the busy and festive season, Section Juan managed to squeeze in a hike at this largely unexplored and uninhabited island of Hong Kong to chill, and bond.

Tung Lung Chau offers a breathtaking view of the Clearwater Bay Peninsula.
Every year, the group makes sure to have at least one hiking activity and this year they held “Hataw sa Tung Lung Chau” on Dec 10. It was the first time most of those who took part had set foot on the island.

Section Juan president Pau Ciriaco said, “The hike’s success in building camaraderie among members was visible throughout. All of us hiked as one. We waited whenever there was someone who needed to rest. We shared water and food to keep everyone on track”.

Tung Lung Chau is located along the Clearwater Bay Peninsula and is accessible by ferry during weekends and public holidays. It is widely known as the site of an ancient monument, a prehistoric rock carving known to be the largest of its kind in Hong Kong.

The island is a place for extreme sports, too. There were people ziplining from cliff to cliff and rock climbing.

Kristeen Romero, the current research, development and multimedia officer of Section Juan, said “it was a good opportunity to get a breath of fresh air, do some exercise and practice my photography skills”.

Candice Adams, an active member of the group, said: “The hike was doable and often breathtaking,” adding that there was no shortage of picturesque views.

But the wondrous sight was just part of the reason why she decided to go.

“Good company, good food and a good route makes for a great hike”, she said.
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