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Ex-OFW entrepreneur gives pep talk on doing business

27 July 2018

By Daisy CL Mandap

“If you want change, you must start by changing yourself.”

This was the core message of Myrna Padilla, a former overseas worker in Hong Kong turned chief executive officer of her own software company, when she spoke at the 1st anniversary celebration of Surigaonon Association at Bayanihan Centre in Kennedy Town on Jul 8.

Padilla said a lack of proper education or means, should not hinder anyone from succeeding in life.

She cited her own humble beginnings in Bohol, where she reached only up to second year in high school and married early, before deciding to go to Hong Kong to work as a domestic helper.

Padilla, who was recently honored by the Philippine Association in Hong Kong as one of its Most Valuable Pinoy awardees for 2018, said it was her hunger for learning that prodded her to develop her talents and potential.

From learning how to use a “mouse” from her young ward, she went on to form Mynd Consulting, which provided IT support to US-based companies, and staffed by the best software engineers in Davao City.

Her advise to OFWs who aspire to set up their own businesses was to keep the passion in whatever they do, and always aspire for originality.

“Doing business is not a matter of copy and paste,” she said.

After her speech, Padilla was awarded a certificate of appreciation by Surigaonon leader Resty Suareza, who was profuse in thanking the guest speaker who flew all the way from Davao to join them for the occasion.

Suareza is concurrently chairman of Mindanao Federation, which was founded by Padilla, who also acted as its leader until she decided to go home for good.

A surprise guest was Labor Attache Jalilo dela Torre, who revealed in private talks that he had just been reinstated to his post, and will return to Hong Kong on  Aug. 1.

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