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Pinay accused of ‘being lazy’ gets $5k settlement

19 August 2018

A Filipina helper was paid $5,000 as settlement on Aug. 8 by her former employer who accused her of being lazy and could not speak Cantonese.

Marichu Soriano had sought severance pay of $8,000 from Chow Chu-kuem who terminated her on Jun 24 after more than three years in her employ, saying her services were no longer needed.

The helper had been paid other financial obligations like one month’s wage in lieu of notice, money for air ticket and travel/food allowance.

On top of these, severance pay could awarded in cases of redundancy.

At the Labour Tribunal, Chow told presiding officer Eric Tam she decided to let go of Soriano after realizing she “did not need her anymore”.

Soriano had allegedly become lazy and despite working for her for more than three years, could not speak Cantonese, Chow said.

“I used to do some of the work even if I was paying her,” she told Tam, showing off her hands, then sobbing.

At Tam’s suggestion, the two tried to reach settlement but could not agree initially because Chow was insisting on paying only $3,000.

Tam suggested $5,000 and Chow, after hesitating at first, eventually relented when prodded on by her son-in-law who was with her in court. – Vir B. Lumicao

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