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Pinays in online sex case ‘ready to plead guilty’

19 August 2018

All five defendants in an online sex ring, including two Filipinas, have decided to plead guilty to the charges against them, Eastern Court was told on Aug. 10.

But Magistrate Peter Law said there was a parallel investigation still being conducted in connection with the case, but did not elaborate.

The statements were made in court as Filipinas Joan Palpal-latoc, 40, and Jeanette Gallego, 47, again appeared on charges of “living on the earnings of prostitution of others.”

Charged with them are their 69-year-old employer identified only as “Ms Wong,” her 72-year-old sister, and a local man. All three are out on bail.

The Filipinas who are detained, chose not to follow up on their application for bail, even after prosecutors lifted their opposition to their bid at a hearing on Aug. 10.

Thus, Magistrate Peter Law ordered the pair back in jail, and to return on Sept. 7 for the next hearing of their case.

The two had earlier offered to post bail of $25,000 each, but the prosecution opposed the application, citing their lack of local ties and arguing they were a flight risk.

No reason was given in court as to why the paid did not renew their bail bid.

Prosecution decided to drop its opposition to granting bail to the two when prodded by magistrate Law, who asked why the defendants were still being held while their case had been stuck in court for three months.

Palpal-latoc and Gallego  who had been in Wong’s employ since 2009, were arrested during a police raid on May 15 while allegedly manning the computer terminals in a flat on the 43rd floor of Tavistock II residential block on Tregunter Path in Mid-Levels.

Their three co-defendants were arrested with them at the time.

Their defense lawyer said Palpal-latoc and Gallego only had minor roles in the operation as they were not allowed to collect money from clients, among other duties.—VBL

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