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Eight riders hurt as MTR train to Central crashes in Lai King

07 October 2019

Eight passengers were slightly injured Sunday evening, Oct 6, when a Central-bound MTR train crashed into a concrete buffer off Lai King station while on its way to Mei Foo.
Police said they have no information if any of the casualties was Filipino.
It was the second accident on the MTR network since the derailment of another train while approaching the Hung Hom station from Lo Wu on the morning of Sept 17. Eight people were also injured.                                                                                                       
A spokeswoman of the Hong Kong Police Public Relations Branch said in reply to an enquiry from The SUN that one of the injured was a male and the rest female. They were aged 24 to 64.
The officer said the injured passengers, except for the woman, were taken to nearby Princess Margaret Hospital in Lai King,
The female passenger refused to go to the hospital because her injury was superficial, the PPRB officer said.  
She said the police received information about the crash at 5:53pm.  At the time, intermittent rain was pelting Hong Kong while protests against a ban on the use of masks during public assemblies were under way Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.
The accident, which had forced train service to halt on the Lai King to Tuen Wan section of the Red Line, was still under investigation.
All train services were finally shut down by the MTR at 9pm, the officer said.

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