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Justice Dept seeks deeper audit of PEYA Travel, execs’ accounts

21 January 2020

By The SUN

Irate passengers besieged Peya's office in Dec 2017 after learning  their tickets were unpaid

Two years after the Peya Travel fiasco stranded more than 1,000 Filipino holidaymakers in Hong Kong, it is still unclear if charges will be filed in court against the agency executives.

According to Consul Paul Saret, the lead police investigator told the Consulate last week that the Justice Department is still awaiting a report from the Audit Commission that was asked to do a thorough scrutiny of the accounts of Peya and its executives.

“The officer said that, unfortunately, the Audit Commission is not yet done with its work,” said Saret.

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But the newly assigned head of the investigating team reportedly gave assurance that the audit report should be ready soon.

Police said around middle of last year that it had already forwarded the case to the Justice Department. But Saret said the department apparently wanted the government auditors to dig deeper into the accounts of Peya as an entity, and of those of the two accused, co-owner Rhea Donna Boyce and sales and marketing manager Arnold Grospe.
Boyce, more popularly known as Yan-yan in the Filipino community, and her Australian husband Peter Brian Boyce were arrested one after the other at Christmastime in 2017.

Both were released in mid-January 2018. Yan-yan was told to post bail and report to the police regularly, while her husband was cleared.

Grospe was arrested on June 6, 2018, and released on police bail. He was also told to report back to the police regularly.

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Saret said he was told both accused are free to travel but are still required to report to the police.

Peya folded up in December 2017 after more than 1,000 of its customers were bumped off their scheduled flights home for Christmas due to unpaid tickets.

Yan-yan Boyce and Grospe were arrested on suspicion of fraud.
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