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RoadHK celebrates 9th year

Posted on 28 October 2021 No comments

By The SUN 

RoadHK celebrated its 9th anniversary at its favorite spot on Repulse Bay 

October is an exciting month for members of RoadHK (or Radiant Organization of Amiable Drivers Hong Kong), as it is the month of their founding anniversary.

On its 9th anniversary celebration held on Oct 24 at the Promenade, Repulse Bay, about 40 of the group’s members showed up in cowgirl outfits to take part in games, fellowship, and an awarding ceremony for those who made significant contribution to the organization.

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A surprise awardee was RoadHK’s president, Ma. Theresa Aquino, who was cited by fellow officers led by vice president Melecia Dalde for holding the organization together during the most trying of times, and keeping it true to its mission of helping others.

Joining the celebration were special guests and friends of RoadHK, including The SUN’s editor Daisy CL Mandap and publisher Leo A Deocadiz; former Labor Attache and Commissioner Bernardino Julve; and Banco de Oro vice president Joel Almeda.

Guests joined RoadHK officers in handing out awards
Community and business leaders from United Filipinos – Migrante Hong Kong, CKSS Travel & Tours, Reintegration Voluntarily Valued Education and Samahang Tarlaqueno also graced the event.


An array of favorite Filipino dishes served by the beach completed the day-long celebration.

RoadHK regularly holds Learn to Drive Information Seminar for domestic helpers who are interested to learn how to drive, and acquire a HK driver’s license. Prominent speakers from driving institutions and the industry are invited to serve as lecturers.

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Those who wish to join their future seminars may contact the following: Mayette - 973 46758; Mely - 945 87703; and Bing - 665 96397


Trekkers hold beach cleanup to raise funds for cancer patient

Posted on 01 October 2021 No comments

By Vir B. Lumicao 

The Trekkers picked up this much trash in their beach cleanup charity drive

A group of Filipino domestic workers who combine hiking with charity work scheduled a beach cleanup in Sai Kung for Sept 19, hoping to raise funds for a cancer patient in Manila.

But barely a week before the cleanup, the intended beneficiary, Marc Arquisola Palapaz, 38, passed away at the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Centre due to Stage 3 sarcoma in his right leg.

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Palapaz’ death did not deter the Bagong Bayani (The Trekkers) group from their plan to help, though. They decided to push through with the project as scheduled, but this time, the funds to be raised would be sent to the family of the deceased.

Trekkers is a group founded nearly two years ago by Ligaya Francisco to hold charity hikes and trail or beach cleanups regularly to raise funds for members of the group whose families back home may have urgent need for financial help.


Francisco has said in a previous interview the priority is her fellow OFWs who have been excluded from any government dole-outs even if they, too, need help.

She said the group reaches out to any OFW, even a non-member, who is in dire need, especially those with a sick family member. In this particular case, Palapaz was a nephew of a group member.

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On Sept 19, a handful of Trekkers numbering 13 led by Ligaya Lorilla, the “Ate” or big sister of the group, met up in Tseung Kwan O and headed all together to Clear Water Bay Beach 2.

The group targeted Clearwater Bay beach 2 for the 2-hour cleanup

The beach cleanup began at 11am and lasted until 1pm. The Trekkers were joined by a local Chinese resident who said it was her first time to participate in such a cleanup and found it fun.  

At the end of the two-hour endeavor, the group collected 11 plastic rubbish bags of litter from the right flank of the beach. At the same time, the group was able to collect donations totaling the equivalent of Php12,400.


The fundraising was triggered by an appeal from a niece of Trekkers member Mary Ann Rebucan Bautista for a charity cleanup to help Palapaz. The cancer-stricken patient at the time also suffered from pneumonia.

Bautista consulted Lorilla and the group, who agreed to the proposed cleanup for the cancer patient, who had a wife and two young children.

Palapaz passed on before the group could hold its fundraising for him

“Naawa sila sa sitwasyon niya kasi ang bata pa niya, 38 years old, may asawa at dalawang anak. Natigil din siya sa work kasi nagkasakit,” said Bautista. (They took pity on his [Palapaz’] situation because he was young, only 38, married and had two children.)

“Sa kasamaang palad, binawian din siya ng buhay, Sept 13, isang linggo after his surgery and before our cleanup for a cause event para sa kanya,” she added. (Unfortunately, he died on Sept 13, one week after his surgery and before our cleanup for a cause dedicated to him.)

Tunghayan ang isa na namang Kwentong Dream Love

Bautista said the Trekkers frequently carried out beach or trail cleanups to raise funds for the needy and to protect the environment.

“Ang paglilinis ng coastal areas ay malaking tulong para mapanatili nating ligtas ang ating kalikasan at kayamanang pandagat, lalo na sa mga seafoods na ating kinakain,” she said.  (Cleaning up the coastal areas is a big help in keeping nature and marine resources, especially the seafood we eat, safe.)

On Oct 3, the group will hold a more relaxing project near Discovery Bay Beach. The so-called “hammock festival” will see members tying colorful hammocks to tree trunks, in which they can take a nap or simply rest and enjoy the breeze.


HK-based musician-writer William Elvin launches first single as contract artist

Posted on 25 July 2021 No comments

 By The SUN 

William Elvin is now one of a select group of Filipino musicians signed up by O/C Records
(photo courtesy of Leeh Ann Hidalgo and Rilina Ameerah)

Hong Kong-based singer and songwriter William Elvin has just released his first single under O/C Records, after being an independent artist for almost two decades.

The newly released track, ‘Ang Sabi Nila,’ became a cult favorite among Filipino theater lovers after it was included as a soundtrack of the hit musical play, ‘Mula Sa Buwan,’ the Filipino adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, which William Elvin had co-written with his friend, Pat Vale.


O/C Records, which was launched three years ago, is co-owned by Kean Cipriano, Callalily frontman; and his wife, actress Chynna Ortaleza, along with Viva Entertainment’s Vic del Rosario.

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The song's release under O/C records is William’s way of retelling the story that he first shared in his famous play. While the song’s instrumental and arrangement for the musical play was intended to sound grand and lush, this new version takes a sparser approach as it scales back to the original arrangement, evoking a feeling of yearning, isolation and loneliness.


William Elvin says ‘Ang Sabi Nila’, which he wrote around 2002-2003 in his hot and dusty bedroom in Fairview, Quezon City, chronicles the gentle stream of his heartbreak experiences.

“This song is basically about dwelling on painful memories, not just romantic ones, but every painful memory you carry as a person,” he explains.

When he wrote it, William Elvin was still playing with a rock band, exploring his musical influences and figuring out his songwriting voice. The song built his confidence about his lyrical and musical capabilities, said the artist.


“I just want listeners to know that while it is okay to dwell on painful memories – whatever they may be, and we all have a few – the only way to move forward is to let go of it,” he shares, but adds that this may be easier said than done, as music is meant to be cathartic.

Pindutin para sa detalye

William Elvin, who used to write for The SUN, is now connected with a leading PR firm in Hong Kong.  

'Ang Sabi Nila’, released on July 23rd, is now out on all digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Here’s a link to William Elvin singing it on YouTube:

Watch and listen to William Elvin and Kuya Q on "Tribong Pinoy," a show they co-host live on  The SUN Hong Kong Facebook page on alternate Wednesdays, 9:30pm to 10:30 pm.




Trekkers ease OFW depression with charity hikes and eco-cleanups

Posted on 28 November 2020 No comments

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Trekkers gather for their first anniversary to hike, do beach cleanup, and eat

It began with a call for help from a fellow overseas Filipino worker whose village in Mindanao was ravaged by two earthquakes in the closing days of October last year.

Veteran hiker Ligaya Francisco said she and a bunch of friends wanted to help but knew it was difficult to solicit donations since her fellow helpers were also hard-up. They eventually decided to raise funds by hiking.

Naging successful naman ang fundraising. Noong nagkasunud-sunod na ang mga humingi ng tulong ay nagtatag na kami ng grupo,” Francisco said on Nov 22, as Bagong Bayani (The Trekkers) celebrated its first anniversary with hiking and a beach cleanup in Discovery Bay, Lantau.

Pindutin para sa detalye

The 54-year-old unassuming woman, who is called “Nanay” or “Happy” by members of The Trekkers, said there had been several requests for help this year as natural calamities and pandemic safety protocols put communities back home in difficult situations.

As the hikes for a cause became frequent, more workers joined, Francisco said. From a bunch of just eight women who met on the trails, the group that initially called itself The Trekkers grew to more than 50 members as it attracted other workers.

The group expanded even as pro-democracy protests and the coronavirus pandemic affected their activities.

Francisco says the protests and pandemic drove them further afield

Dinaanan namin ang mga rally, pero ang pinakamatindi ay ang Covid-19 dahil mahigpit sa social distancing. Kung saan-saang gubat at bundok kami nagtago para magkasama-sama. Naghanap kami ng mga tagong lugar at isla,” said Francisco.

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There was a time when social distancing measures limited group gatherings to just two persons, but the group managed to continue hiking without breaking the rules by trekking in twos. The strict protocols were a blessing nevertheless as they enhanced group growth. 

Noong panahong iyon ay saka naman lalo kaming lumago, dumami ang sumama sa amin,” Francisco said. She said many of their friends brought along friends until the group grew and camaraderie improved.

Members brought food so they would have picnics when they went hiking to stay away from the city, she said.


Kasi yung time na iyon, ang hirap e, napaka-isolated natin. Yung depression, yung gusto mong umuwi, may mga namatay hindi ka makauwi, may mga problemang pampamilya, hindi rin maayos kasi na-stuck na tayo dito. At saka yung emotional need, kailangan namin ang isa’t isa,” Francisco said.

Pumupunta kami sa mga ganitong lugar walang tao, malaya kaming magsalita, malaya kaming tumawa, malaya kaming ilabas yung kung ano ang nararamdaman namin,” she said.

She admitted there had been intrigues due to petty misunderstandings or pressure brought about by the times, but they stayed together as a family.

Para kaming magkakapatid, minsan may away-away, minsan nagkakatampuhan. Normal lang po iyon dahil sa panahon. Maraming pressure. Pero eto pa rin kami, magkakasama, kailangan namin ang isa’t isa, parang isang pamilya yung community,” Franciso said.

The Trekkers try to maintain social distancing even in isolated areas

The members come from all regions of the Philippines. She said the priority is helping fellow OFWs, especially since they and their families don’t get dole-outs from their government even if they need help, too. The group reaches out to any OFW, even a non-member, who is in dire need to ease her worry, especially when a family member falls ill.

Pindutin para sa detalye

Whatever amount the members give, these add up and mean a lot, said Francisco.

She said that’s one reason why almost every week The Trekkers hold charity hikes. At the same time, Francisco said, they would do cleanups on the trails and beaches to teach members to love and protect the environment.

Gusto kong masanay sila at magkaroon ng mind-set na kailangang mahalin ang environment, na huwag itapon ang kalat kung saan-saan kundi ilagay sa tamang basurahan,” the group’s “nanay” said.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang klwentong Dream Love

At their anniversary celebration, about 40 people gathered before noon on an isolated beach at the northern fringes of Discovery Bay. Many others came in twos or threes in the early afternoon.

On the site they strove to be in fours in line with protocols, even in preparing the food they served to celebrate the anniversary and the birthdays of two or three members.

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However, not all their weekends are devoted to hiking and cleanups, Francisco said. Sometimes they also hold a hammock festival, where members hang layers of hammocks from trees and spend the day or night in those nylon cocoons suspended in mid-air.    

The group has no elected leaders. It is the organic core group, including Francisco, Annabeline Allera, sisters Mary Joy Rebucan and Ma. Ana R. Bautista, as well as Jessie Lopez that coordinates activities. Lopez, who figures in several OFW fundraising drives, takes charge of The Trekkers’ charity projects.

Last Sunday, as they marked their special day, The Trekkers also superseded the group name with Bagong Bayani, or New Heroes, a name that best fits them.


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DWC stages charity hike for man who has lost a leg

Posted on 13 November 2018 No comments
Members of the Domestic Workers Corner "conquer" Cape D’Aguilar for charity.

Hikers from the Domestic Workers Corner held its second hike for a cause on Sunday, Oct 29, a 9-kilometer hike to Cape D’Aguilar, to raise money to help a 38-year-old man in Quezon who has lost a leg to an infection that has festered for the last five months.

The hike to Cape D’Aguilar, a rocky peninsula called Hok Tsui at the southeast end of Hong Kong Island, attracted 67 administrators and members of DWC, a group that offers helpful activities to fellow OFWs in Hong Kong.
Cape D’Aguilar offers Instagram-worthy scenery.

This time around, the objective of the DWC fundraising was to help the family of 38-year-old Joey Cuarez, from San Francisco, Quezon, whose leg was injured when he fell off a coconut tree in his village.

For the past five months, he has been unable to walk as his injured leg got infected, causing him extreme pain with every step he took. His wound also bled each time he walked, his relatives said.

The infected leg had to be amputated to stop the infection from spreading.

Relatives and friends of Cuarez called the attention of DWC to his plight and the group responded by organizing last Sunday’s hike to Cape D’Aguilar.

The hikers met at 9am at the Shau Kei Wan MTR Station and at 9:15am they took Bus No. 9 to Cape D’Aguilar Road, which serves the Shaw Kei Wan-Shek O route.

The breezy and moderately cool weather was good for the normally three-hour hike.

The hikers got off at the Cape D’Aguilar roundabout overlooking Shek O and from there they made the trek down to the rocky outcrop that is the site of a hilltop lighthouse and the Institute of Marine Science.

The hike provided time for members and admins of DWC to grow their friendship and have much fun taking pictures as they enjoyed the beauty of nature in that place.

They reached the end of the hike at 12 noon, shared lunch at the wave-lashed crags, explored the Crab Cave and went up the lighthouse ground for more picture-taking before taking the bus around 1pm back to MTR station where they parted and went home.

Donations collected during the second hike for a cause amounted $601.00 (P4,000.00)  will be given to Cuarez. The group decided to extend help in a simple way for Cuarez’s medical check-up while his family is trying to apply for medical assistance from government offices.

DWC organizes hikes for a cause for people who approach the group for help - a simple act that gives hope to the beneficiary while energizing the group. - Rodelia Villar

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