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Fate loses in bid for FOS title

03 May 2017

Fate members cheer each other up before the final match.

By Emz Frial

The all-Filipina softball team, Fate, has lost its battle for the championship of the Festival of Sports when it suffered defeat at the hands of local rival, Joker, in the final match of the competition held at the Tin Kwong Road playground on Apr 19.

After winning three consecutive games in the knock-out series, Fate lost to Joker on a score of 4-9.
The tight defense of the local team left the Filipinas scoreless in the first three innings. But even Joker failed to score in the first innings, and only managed to hit the mark in the third with 4 points, courtesy of Lai Sze Nga, Lee Hoi Yue, Ng Yan Wa and Sin Chui Ling.

Fate found its mark in the fourth inning with a point each from Ma. Eva Mendez and Don Gaborno, who managed a homerun. They added 2 more points in the fifth inning through Ynez Badajos and Emily Mabaquiao.

But Joker did not let go of its upperhand, scoring 5 more points in the final inning. Those who helped seal its victory were Lee Hoi Yue, Tai Yak Lam, Chau Wing Yan, KamYue Sze and Ng Yan Wa, who blasted a long ball to the outfield that allowed her to do a homerun.

Several catching errors of Fate’s outfielder Editha Hidalgo allowed the locals to pile up scores.
Team captain Gaborno said, “The pressure and lack of defense made us lose the game”.

Also contributing to the loss was the absence of several key players, including prized catcher Leizeal Algonez who was in the Philippines for a vacation, and Katherine Gerpacio and Eunice Locop.
Joker’s victory led to it being ranked 1st in the FOS, followed by Fate.

Meanwhile, back in the regular league, Fate again showed domination when it dumped rival Wei Lun, 20-1, during a game at Shek Kip Mei field on Apr. 23.

The game lasted through five innings despite the heavy rain that soaked the players and left the field muddy.

Fate started the game as an away team, and immediately chalked up 6 homes, courtesy of Ynez Badajos, Romela Osabel, Ma. Eva Mendez, Don Gaborno, Leizeal Algonez and Maribel Sitchon.

When it was Wei Lun’s turn to bat, Fate took no chances and put up a tight defense, coupled with the expert pitching of Gaborno. The inning ended with the locals unable to score.

In the second inning, Fate added 6 more points to its score, with help from Badajos, Osabel, Gaborno, Algonez, Sitchon and Percy Jayme.

The locals made its sole point in the game in the second inning, courtesy of Tam Yu Ham. That ended the inning on a score of 12-1 for Fate.

Coach Mendez called for substitution in the third inning to allow other Fate players the chance to take part in the action. This seemed to energize the team even more, as it added 7 more points to its score, through Osabel, Mendez, Gaborno, Algonez, Octaviano, Sitchon and Katherine Gerpacio.

The inning again ended with Fate taking the upperhand, 19-1. Sealing Fate’s victory was Mendez, who scored another point in the fourth inning.

The win brought a smile to Fate’s manager, Law,  who congratulated the team with his usual remark, “Nice game everyone!”

Cheering from the sidelines were Fate’s loyal band of supporters, who did not let the foul weather stop them from taking their usual place in the stands.

Fate is scheduled for another game at Shek Kip Mei at 4:30 pm on Apr 30.

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