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Filipina softbelles dominate locals

16 May 2017

Members of the all-Filipina softball team, Fate, celebrate after the game.

By Emz Frial

The all-Filipina softball team, Fate, is celebrating after scoring a decisive win over its local rival Villas, 19-0, on Apr 30 at Shek Kip Mei field.
The game lasted four innings, with Fate starting as the away team.
Fate did not lose time piling up points from the first inning. The team collected six homes straightaway, courtesy of Myra Japitana, Don Gaborno, Liezeal Algonez, Romela Osabel, Emily Mabaquiao and Editha Hidalgo.
When the locals took their turn to bat, the fast balls of Fate pitcher Gaborno resulted in two batters standing out. A third batter from Villas was caught on a flyball by Fate shortstop Rubuieline Ondayang.
The inning ended with a score of 6-0 in Fate’s favor.
In the second inning, the locals took a more aggressive stand.
But the Filipinas were equally aggressive in fending off their rivals’ attempts to score, and in adding to their already sizeable lead. By the end of the second inning, the Filipinas added three more points to their haul, resulting in a total score of 9-0 in their favor. Those who scored were Japitana, Gaborno and Algonez.
Fate did not rest on its laurels, and again started scoring in the third inning, while Villas was again left blank. Four more points were added to Fate’s score, courtesy of Cherry Octaviano, Percy Jayme, Japitana and Gaborno. The inning ended on a score of 13-0 in Fate’s favor.
In the fourth and final inning, Villas again tried their best to stop the Filipinas from scoring but appeared powerless. Fate gained six more points through Katherine Gerpacio, Ma. Luz Mandia, Japitana, Gaborno, Ma. Eva Mendez and Osabel. Villas, which must have been demoralized by this time, again failed to find its mark.
With the result, Fate remains unbeatable in the regular league. After playing six games, the Filipinas have six wins and no loss.
But a tougher time awaits them on their next game on May 14. They will come up against Phoenix Ghost, the team that overwhelmed them in the championship of the annual knock-out game, Festival of Sports.

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