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Fate trounces Celsius in HK softball

06 July 2017

Members and staff of the Fate and Celsius teams pose after the game.

By Emz Frial

The all-Filipina softball team in Hong Kong, Fate, won against its local rival Celsius  at Shek Kip Mei field on June 25, 20-0. The game only lasted for three innings.

Fate started the game as an away team. Its players, smarting after losing two successive games earlier, did not take any chances this time around.

They started piling up their scores from the first inning.  Six players each notched up a point: Liezeal Algonez, Myra Japitana, Don Gaborno, Emily Mabaquiao, Maribel Sitchon and Editha Hidalgo.

When the locals took their turn to bat, only three players managed to stand on the batting plate because of the Filipinas’ tight defence. First batter Wa Tsz Kei was caught by short stop Mendez on a fly ball, while second batter Tang Tsz Tang and third batter Lau Wing Yin were caught by first baseman Japitana.

The score remained at 6-0 for Fate at the end of the inning.

In the second inning, Fate added seven points to its score. Those who managed to reach home base were Algonez, Japitana, Gaborno, Mendez, Mabaquiao (who made a complete run when she blasted a long outfield ball), Locop and Hidalgo.

Celsius, on the other hand, continued to struggle. Three of its batters did not even get to step on first base. The fast ball of Fate’s pitcher Gaborno caught batter So Kit Ying standing out, while Chan Tsz Ying was caught on a pass ball by third baseman Mabaquiao to Japitana. Then Chan mun Mun was caught on a fly ball by Japitana for the third time.

That ended the inning 13-0.

Fate remained unstoppable in the third inning, piling 7 more points. Those who got to home base were Algonez, Japitana, Gaborno, Mendez,  Mabaquiao , Mandia and Jayme.

Until the last minute, the locals could not make contact with the ball. The combined strategy of pitcher Gaborno and catcher Algonez led to three consecutive batters from Celsius to be called for standing out.

The game was halted after this inning, with the score at 20-0 for Fate.

The team celebrated victory after the game when its manager, Mr. Law, treated the players and their supporters to an early dinner.

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