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Be wary of snake bites!

23 October 2017

Lamma residents Cris and her sister Lolit, along with their friend Dolly, were preparing to go to the beach on Lamma Island on Oct 5 to watch the lantern display in celebration of the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake festival, when the unexpected happened.

Dolly is wheeled into an ambulance in Yung Shue Wan (above). 
Dolly was bitten by a green viper snake as she and Lolit were walking through a grassy patch near their homes in Hung Shing Ye Village, Yung Shue Wan.

Dolly, who was no stranger to snake bites as she had been bitten previously by a king cobra, was immediately taken by ambulance to the Lamma North Clinic. From there, she was airlifted by a helicopter to a hospital on Hong Kong island where she was confined for a few days.

Cris recounted the incident in a message to The SUN:

“My sister said Dolly was behind her as they walked down in the residential area , heading for the beach, when Dolly suddenly shouted out loud, saying she got bitten by snake. They (both) saw the green viper snake on the ground ready for a fight with no plan to run away. Both were in panic as the snake poison was setting off a reaction inside Dolly’s body. My sister made her sit down and called for friends’ help, including 911 (emergency service).”

Close-up of the injured foot.
While waiting for the ambulance the two reportedly poured alcohol on Dolly’s wound and tied something around her legs to stop the venom from spreading.

Cris added: “I was right away worried and at the same time wondering how and why snakes love to bite her. This was the second time. Last time it was a king cobra.”

That first time, which happened four years ago,  Cris remembered so well because she was around when it happened. She said Dolly had picked up a $500 bill she dropped on the ground when the cobra pounced.

Making the two snake incidents more unfortunate is Dolly’s allergic reaction to anti-venom medicines, which makes it necessary for her to stay in the hospital longer each time.

Cris said Lamma is a great place to live, with its clean beaches and fresh air, apart from having neighbors who are always ready to extend a helping hand to anyone in trouble.

But, she said people who are living here, or in any mountainous or grassy places, should be extra careful because snakes abound, and not a few people have been bitten.

She advised people who walk about here to be mindful of their surroundings, and to always use a torch a night so they will see the path ahead of them.

“My friend was aware of snakes around but she still got bitten for the second time,” said Cris, in an effort to emphasize the need to be extra careful about the dangers that lurk in otherwise idyllic places like Lamma.— DCLM
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