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Filmcass celebrates life, offers thanksgiving

18 October 2017

Filmcass members and their guests gather for a souvenir photo (above). 

An unusual quiz on the causes and prevention of cancer was one of the highlights of the “Celebration of Life and Thanksgiving” organized by the Filipino Migrant Cancer Support Society (Filmcass) and held at Edinburgh Place, Central, on Oct. 8.

Dr Mamie Lau, founder and director of Radhealth, conducted the quiz, and startled everyone by revealing that the radiation level in Hong Kong is twice as high as in Japan.

She said that granite and radon emit high radiation, and could be found in many items in the house such as granite counters, renovation tiles and walls. Radioactive particles that are inhaled from these substances cannot be exhaled, and once it builds up, could cause lung cancer.

Dr Lau said good ventilation is very important to lower the radon level, and to minimize the radon gas indoors.

On more practical terms, she said extra care should be taken when using mobile phones because they emit non-ionizing radiation.

She advised everyone not to keep their mobile phones close to their body, and to always put them in a bag instead of in their pockets when they go out.

A member wears one of her favorite sayings that have helped inspire cancer victims to hold on to hope..

Skin care products and cosmetics could also be harboring harmful ingredients like paraben which mimics the female hormone, and could cause breast cancer.

Her advice was for women to always check the label of the skin care products and cosmetics so they could stay away from paraben and its potentially harmful effects.

The whole-day program was full of entertainment, with 17 associations performing dance and musical numbers and popular musicians like Penny Salcedo, William Elvin, Satur Tiamson, Jr. and Wendie Sacedon sharing their talents.

A raffle draw livened up the affair, as well as a fund-raising pitch for Filmcass and its  community projects. – Marites Palma

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