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How to save, invest for future

20 November 2017

About 75 overseas Filipino workers joined a reintegration and counseling seminar organized by Pinoy Wise at Best Western Hotel on Oct. 28.

Seminar participant in a final gesture to
thank organizers of the seminar.
Pinoy ‘Wise’ stands for Worldwide Initiative for Investment Saving Entrepreneurship, a project of Philippine NGO Atikha, and supported by UN Women Fund for Gender Equality.

The seminar focused on income and family management, two very important lessons that migrant workers need to better prepare for their reintegration or going home for good.

According to Atikha’s deputy executive director  Aileen Constantino-Peña, reintegration means the successful return of migrant workers to their hometowns. It means being able to resettle themselves into the social and economic structure of their countries of origin, after living and working abroad.

Often, OFWs prolong their stay abroad due to economic and social issues such as unemployment, financial crisis and racism or discrimination, and also for political reasons like war, turmoil and violence.

Other factors such as family issues, failure in business, minimal investment savings and lack of integration of OFW resources in their respective province, municipality, and communities affect the reintegration of OFWs.

Unfortunately, community experience shows that a majority of those who return home were only forced to do so because they became victims of human trafficking, abuse, or exploitation, or because of financial crisis or illness. Many also went home only to retire after spending many years working abroad.

Pinoy Wise intends to help migrant workers to plan and prepare for their return so they don’t go back home empty-handed.

At the same time, Pinoy Wise and Atikha partner with national and local government units, cooperatives, NGOs and migrant organizations to also teach financial literacy to OFW families so they can help pave the way for the successful return and reintegration of their OFW member.

Peñas told participants that one way of preparing for their future is to learn, save and invest in Atikha’s  cooperative and sustainable agribusiness as it promote jobs and opportunities in their respective communities. - Ellen Asis

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