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TWTP-HK holds events

20 November 2017

By Cecile Eduarte

The World Through Photography (TWTP), an online group of photographers around the globe, held its second “photowalk” for October at Kowloon City’s Walled Park on Oct. 28, with 14 Filipino and one Indonesian domestic worker taking part.

The photowalk began with a basic guide to new members on how to properly hold a camera, adjust its aperture (opening), and set its ISO (International Standards Organization) while shooting a subject.

Dany Bae Lah, the lone Indonesian participant and an active TWTP member, said that she was so happy mingling with fellow photographers on such a meaningful and productive day. She added it was an honor and a privilege being with Filipino friends.

Peach A. Ayem, a professional photographer to some Filipino organizations in Hong Kong, welcomed the participants, and complimented Ma. Soccorro Agranzamendez for being an early bird.

The photowalk was organized by Emmeline Aro-Cuyugan, a TWTP Hong Kong Chapter Coordinator. According to her, the walk aims to promote camaraderie among members while enhancing their skills in taking pictures.

Organizers brought a model for the photo enthusiasts and dressed her up in a Qing Dynasty attire to match the Walled City, one of Hong Kong’s important historical sites.

Members of TWTP Hong Kong Chapter are now looking forward to their next evetn, which will be held on Dec. 10. Those who wish to join TWTP to hone their photography skills and share some of their beautiful pictures may contact Andy Maniwang at 94320290.

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