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Pinoys in another inclusive gathering in Shatin estate

30 September 2018

By George Manalansan

World-Wide Gardens in Shatin is a unique neighbourhood  because of its effort to gather all its residents – whatever their nationality, work or stature in life – during periodic parties held to celebrate festive occasions.

During its annual Mid-Festival Fun Night held on Sept. 24, Filipino migrant workers were among those who joined employers and their families, as well as the estate’s staff, in taking part in the program.

Everyone was enjoined to take part in the dancing, playing of musical instruments, and singing, in which, true to form, the Filipinos excelled. All those who took part received gifts.

The security guards themselves served ice cream cups and refreshments to the residents.

Pinays won gifts and coupons in the raffle draws.
Some Pinay migrant workers won small gifts from a fun raffle draw, such as $100 coupons for chocolates, assorted gift certificates for books, and containing bath towels, rugs and other personal items. More than 300 tickets were distributed to participants.

Among the winners were Brenda Resonable who went home with luggage straos and a hair blower; Donna Dumalay and Jelli Catoloco who each got $100 gift certificates for chocolates; and Joan Reyes who won herbal drinks.

The gifts may not have amounted to much, but it was the gesture of friendship and feeling of belongingness that made the Filipinas happy.

The annual event is organized by the Incorporated Owners of World- Wide Gardens and sponsored by the Shatin District Council.

Similar inclusive gatherings are held at the estate during other special occasions like Christmas.

The fun night new Venue this year, cleared the carpark area, the barbecue area where usually held was covered by fallen trees due to Typhoon Mangkhut a week ago.

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