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Coins for Bethune participants asked to turn over all cans

21 October 2018

Nearly 80 cans distributed to Filipino community organizations that asked to join the annual Coins for Bethune House project have yet to be turned over.

This was according to Edwina Antonio, executive director of the Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, who also appealed for all filled-up cans to be submitted no later than Oct 15.

The counting for the donations was supposed to end on Sept. 30, but due to a schedule mix-up, the activity was moved from the KUC Space to the Bethune shelter in Jordan.

This, according to Antonio, could have accounted for some of the donations not being turned over on time.

So far, more than $38,000 in coin donations from 183 groups and individuals has been tallied by volunteers, she said. At least 260 stickered cans have been distributed to various donors, meaning 77 have yet to be turned over.

Despite the big number of missing cans, Antonio reckons it would be hard to equal, much less surpass the $57,000 total collection from last year’s fund campaign.

Her team plans to end the counting so the shelter can work on other upcoming projects, including several benefit shows being held on its behalf by Pintura Circle and other non-profit groups.

Bethune House, which operates two shelters in Kowloon and Hong Kong island, is a charity organization that provides free legal help and accommodation to distressed migrant workers. It survives solely on private donations. - DCLM

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