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Sports Fest 2018 kicks off ATIS-HK 26th anniversary celebration

27 November 2018

The winners in both the sports and beauty contests receive their citations during the 26th anniversary of Abra Tinguian Ilocano Society-Hong Kong (ATIS-HK).

“Every team showed its competitiveness in a friendly manner as everyone wished to win. However at the end of the day, Mango Team composed of the municipal groups of Luba, La Paz and Bucay went home with the gold for volleyball.”

This was declared by Regina Batoon, committee chair of the ATIS-HK Sports Fest 2018 that
was held at the Fa Hui Park in Mongkok on Nov 4.

“ATIS@26: Strengthen and Expand Service, Solidarity and Empowerment of Abra Migrants & Families” is this year’s anniversary theme. Known for their love of sports, ATIS members decided to break from their Sunday routine in Central to expand their family and forge stronger unity.

Aside from Mango Team, three other groups participated in the one-day sports fest, which came as a prelude to the main celebration of ATIS’ 26th anniversary on Nov. 18.

They included second placer Narra Team composed of San Juan, Bucloc, AMWWA & DiWMA; third placer Banaba Team composed of Tayum, Bangued, Langiden, Manabo and San Isidro; and fourth placer Sagat Team composed of Lagangilang, Licuan, Tubo and Dolores.

According to ATIS-HK president Ludy Guinaban, all participating teams had to undergo a briefing on ATIS history as well as a seminar on “The Reality of Migration” before they were allowed to join.

The mandatory orientation set the mood for a whole day of fun and enjoyment, which lasted from 7 am until 9pm.

Aside from the volleyball competition, the traditional Search for Ms. ATIS-HK 2018 was concluded. But the awarding of prizes to the winners in both contests will be held at the main anniversary celebration.

Beyond doubt, the goals to strengthen unity, camaraderie and sportsmanship were achieved at Fa Hui Park as the teams also engaged in parlor games, practiced their cheering and cultural presentations for the main anniversary celebration, and shared their sumptuous Ilocano and Tinguian food and delicacies.

After all, this is the trademark of the ATIS Family. – contributed by Vicky Casia

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