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T3 may be raised late Monday as ‘Linfa’ moves closer to HK

12 October 2020

By The SUN 

The storm is not expected to move too close to HK but could bring heavy rain

Storm signal No 1 was raised over Hong Kong Sunday evening as a Tropical Storm Nangka edged closer to the city on its way to Hainan.

However, the Hong Kong Observatory said the winds would not strengthen significantly this morning, Oct 12.

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It could, however, pick up later in the afternoon or evening, and strong wind signal No. 3 may be hoisted.

The storm developed earlier Sunday from a low pressure area over the central to northern parts of the South China Sea and became a tropical storm, prompting the Observatory to hoist Signal No.1 at 8:45pm.                                                               

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Pindutin para sa detalye

Under the combined effects of the northeast monsoon and the tropical storm, there will be heavy rain and thunderstorms over the coast of the South China Sea, including Hong Kong, on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be windy in the affected areas, and seas will be very rough with swells.

Nangka is expected to move in the general direction of Hainan Island and Indochina before it weakens and dissipates.


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The Observatory said the storm will remain at a distance from Hong Kong tonight and tomorrow morning, and winds will not strengthen significantly.

At 12 midnight Sunday, the tropical storm was estimated to be about 720km southeast of Hong Kong, with sustained winds of 45km per hour. It is forecast to move west or west-northwest at about 18km per hour in the general direction of Hainan Island and intensify gradually.
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