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Mission for Migrants calls Charity Raffle Draw 2020 a success

24 November 2020

By Vir B. Lumicao 

Mission board member Linda Chen picks the first prize winner

This year’s fundraising of the Mission for Migrant Workers has been hailed a success by organizers, as nearly all of the tickets were reportedly sold out.

The Charity Raffle Draw 2020 was held on Sunday, Nov 22, culminating months of arduous preparation and ticket-selling that defied the coronavirus crisis to ensure a successful event.

Fr Dwight de la Torre, board chairman of Mission attributed the success of the raffle to supporters of the Church-based NGO for its work to help migrant workers in their struggle for their rights in Hong Kong. 

Pindutin para sa detalye

“This raffle draw wouldn’t have been possible with everybody’s support, hard work and donation. Let’s continue our work and our ministry alongside migrant workers,” Fr Dwight said.

Board chair Fr. Dwight thanks everyone who supported the much-needed fundraising drive

The Mission’s community relations officer, Johannie Tong, said they pushed through with the charity raffle even with social restrictions in place due to the increased and urgent needs of migrant workers.

“Migrant workers returning from their home countries who are quarantined in hotels lack food and water. More migrant workers need assistance now due to their contract termination because of their employer’s precarious employment,” Tong said.

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“We were concerned about how to go ahead with the raffle despite the social restrictions in place. But it did not mean we were going to forgo it altogether,” she said.

The Mission overcame the challenges posed by the restrictions by putting safeguards in place, like allowing online payments for the tickets through QR codes.

These safeguards were evident in the ticket selling, collection and draw. For the first time ever, online payment through QR codes was made an option for ticket payment.


In the final collection of payments on the day of the draw, only two people manned the booth at all times. Chairs for those waiting in line to pay for the tickets were arranged some feet apart from each other.

The draw was streamed live on Facebook, to prevent large groups from gathering. Only the essential people and guests of honor invited to pick the winning tickets were gathered for the draw.

Tong opened the program by acknowledging everyone who participated, whether they were ticket buyers or sellers, helped in promoting the activity, or supported in other ways.

Tunghayan ang isa na namang klwentong Dream Love

Mission intern Tariro Mufute, event host, introduced the guests of honor. 

Surati Adriano of Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers drew the first five consolation prize winners. Dolores Balladares Pelaez, chair of United Filipinos in Hong Kong, then picked the remaining five. The consolation prize winners each won a gift certificate. 

Sringatin of the Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union picked the winner of the third prize, an Apple watch. Fr. Dwight drew the second prize winner who took home a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Finally, the winner of the top prize of iPhone11 was picked by Lynda Chen, an advisory board member of the Mission.

Fr. Dwight closed the event with a touching message.

List of winners

First prize:  016838

Second prize:  003650

Third prize:  013090

Consolation prizes:

1. 004327

2. 005210

3. 016666

4. 006246

5. 003377

6. 002951

7. 003144

8. 014723

9. 009797

10. 011997



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