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CX flights from Manila banned after 5 Covid-19 cases found

15 March 2021

By The SUN

Cathay won't be able to fly from and to Manila until Mar 28

Hong Kong health authorities have stopped Cathay Pacific from flying in from Manila for two weeks after five of its passengers tested positive on arrival Saturday, Mar 13.

A press release issued by the Department of Health at about 10pm Sunday said it was invoking its right under Cap 599H (Regulation of Cross-boundary Conveyances and Travellers) by prohibiting the “landing of passenger flights from Manila operated by CX in Hong Kong from Mar 15 to 28, 2021.”

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The statement said five passengers on board CX 906 which arrived at 1:30pm Saturday were confirmed to have Covid-19 through specimens collected at the HK International Airport.

All of its passengers should have presented negative test results for the coronavirus before being allowed to board the flight to Hong Kong, apart from confirmed bookings for 21 days at a designated quarantine hotel.

An overnight curfew will again be imposed in Metro Manila after a spike in cases

The ban comes amid a surge in infections in the Philippines, and reports of a new coronavirus variant unique to the country (PH variant) being found.

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On Sunday, 4,999 new Covid-19 cases were reported across the country, bringing the total number of infections to 621,498. The day before, more than 5,000 new cases were reported.

Over the weekend, health authorities also reported that a new coronavirus unique to the Philippines was found. Designated as P.3, the new strain was discovered after 85 cases “with unique set of mutations” were submitted to the global reporting system Pangolin (Phylogenetic Assignment of Named Global Outbreak Lineages).


There are now 98 cases of this variant in the country, after 13 more cases were found.

All coronavirus variants, including ones first found in Britain, South Africa and Brazil, are known to be 70% more infectious.


However, Philippine health authorities say more data is needed to say whether the P.3 variant is more transmissible or causes more severe diseases and increased risk of death.

The new imported cases from the Philippines are expected to be announced by Hong Kong health authorities in their daily press briefing today. It takes two positive results in tests for a person to be identified as a confirmed case in Hong Kong.


Yesterday, 24 new cases were reported, but they did not include any imported ones. However, about 20 other cases were designated as preliminary positive.

Previously, multiple infections were also detected in a Cebu Pacific flight that arrived in Hong Kong from Manila on Sept. 9, but the ban was not imposed on the airline.


Five Filipina domestic helpers from the same recruitment agency who flew in aboard a 5J flight from Manila tested positive on arrival in Hong Kong that time, and five others were found infected while in hotel quarantine on subsequent days.

Three of those infected were sent back to Manila after treatment, prompting the Consulate to protest to Hong Kong Immigration authorities, citing a breach in protocol.


The flight ban was, however, imposed on Air India twice, and on Nepal Airlines once, after multiple cases were found among the passengers they flew into Hong Kong.

A flight ban on Britain, South Africa and Brazil remains in force, in the wake of the virus mutations found in these countries. 



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