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2 months’ jail, $800 fine imposed on World-Wide shop owner

26 January 2024


First floor of World-Wide Plaza, where the shop is located

A shop owner at World-Wide Plaza originally arrested by Customs officers for selling fake designer goods, was jailed today for two months and fined $800 after she pleaded guilty to this and three other offenses.

Josefina Ygot, 39 years old, waved to her 72-year-old husband in the gallery as she was being led by police officers out of the courtroom. She had been out on bail of $10,000 since the case was filed late last year after her arrest in Sept. 20, 2023.

In sentencing Ygot, Principal Magistrate Ivy Chui said three of the four charges are serious and require a prison sentence, but because of her guilty plea to all charges, she was entitled to a one-third discount on the jail terms.

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For selling counterfeit goods at her shop, Ygot was sentenced to 15 days’ jail, which was discounted to 10 days.

For possession for sale of goods to which a forged trade mark was applied, she was jailed for three months, which was reduced to two months.

For employing a person who is not lawfully employable, she was jailed for three months, which was reduced to two months.

For failing to apply for a new identity card, she was fined $800.


Since Magistrate Chui ordered that all the prison terms were to run at the same time, the total jail term is two months.

Ygot was originally charged with Sandralyn de Leon Bartolome, 34 years old, whom she hired as a saleslady “to help her out,” as Ygot’s lawyer said.

The case against Bartolome, 34 years old, ended last Dec. 15 with her being sentenced to a total of 15 months after pleading guilty to four charges -- overstaying her visa by two years and five-and-a-half months, doing illegal work for Ygot, and possessing and openly selling fake branded goods.


She had sold a pair of counterfeit Hermes slippers to an undercover agent from the Customs and Excise Department who paid her with a marked $500 before announcing the arrest, along with another agent.

A total of 1,085 fake branded goods were found in Shop 155, Worldwide Plaza, including more than 400 pairs of slippers, 119 bags, plus dozens of short pants and wallets, bearing such brands as Hermes, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Longchamp, Nike and Adidas.

In the investigation, authorities found out that Bartolome was an overstayer and Ygot had not renewed her Hong Kong ID, as required by law of all residents of Hong Kong.

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