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2 DHs face criminal charges for doing unrelated work

10 June 2024


Two Filipinas have found themselves answering criminal charges in court after beng arrested for breach of condition of stay by doing work outside their duties as domestic helpers.

Maricel Ocomen, 39 years old, appeared at Shatin Court on Friday (June 7) while Maria Carlota Marquez, 39, was there on Thursday (June 6); both were charged with violation of the Immigration Ordinance and Immigration Regulations.

Ocomen was arrested last Dec. 19 while doing odd jobs in a restaurant on Hoi Pong Road West in Lei Yue Mun.


She was freed on bail of $1,000 and was told to return for the next hearing in July 19.

Marquez, on the other hand, was caught selling clothes in Central on July 28 last year and was charged with establishing a business while under the condition of stay as a domestic helper.

She was freed on bail of $500 and told to return on July 18.


Regulation 2 of the Immigration Regulations provides that those covered by the condition of stay, such as domestic helpers, are not allowed to:

·       take any employment, whether paid or unpaid;

·       establish or join in any business; and

·       become a student at a school, university or other educational institution.

Section 41 of the Immigration Ordinance provides: “Any person who contravenes a condition of stay in force in respect of him shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine at level 5 ($50,000) and to imprisonment for 2 years.”

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