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Solons fear budget reform would cut funds for districts

Posted on 17 August 2018 No comments
The Duterte administration may have adopt its 2018 budget for 2019 if lawmakers and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) could not agree on budget reforms.

Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said keeping the 2018 budget allocations was one of the options the executive department has if Congress fails to approve the P3.757-trillion appropriations by December.

The House of Representatives had suspended hearings on the 2019 budget as lawmakers rejected a shift from obligation to cash-based budgeting system.

In the past, the obligation-based budget allowed agencies to spend their respective allocations within a two-year period, sometimes leading to underspending.

“A cash-based budget instills greater fiscal discipline and prudent use of limited resources. The shift to a cash-based budget will increase the efficiency of government operations, resulting in a faster and improved delivery of public services,” Diokno explained.

“The one-year time horizon of budget execution will push heads of government agencies to
plan ahead, conduct early procurement, and regularly monitor implementation,” he added.

Congressmen feared that the budget reform would greatly affect budget allocations for their districts, since funding for hospitals, classrooms, and local infrastructure projects like roads might suffer budget cuts.

Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles, chairman of the House appropriations committee, and other House leaders – representing lawmakers who crossed party lines – have filed a House resolution asking their Senate counterparts to return the budget reform bill that they sent last March.

In view of the rejection of the budget reform, Diokno said having a reenacted 2018 budget for 2019 would sustain the Duterte administration’s infrastructure spending in the absence of a new appropriations bill approved by Congress.

“We are studying all the options, including reenacted budget of 2018,” Diokno said during a press conference on the sidelines of the “Build, Build, Build” job fair on on Aug. 12 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

“Because so many projects in 2017 and 2018 have not been done, when you add those to projects in 2019, the budget is so big. The ‘Build, Build, Build’ program won’t suffer.”

Under its ambitious “Build, Build, Build” program, the Duterte administration plans to rollout 75 “game-changing” flagship projects alongside spending a total of up to P9 trillion on hard and modern infrastructure until 2022 to usher in the “golden age of infrastructure.”

But some members of the House have been questioning why the 2019 budget proposal, at nominal value, is lower than the record P3.767-trillion 2018 appropriation.

Diokno has explained that this year’s obligation-based budget should not be compared apples to apples to the cash budget proposal for next year.

According to Diokno, the cash-based equivalent of the 2018 budget was P3.324 trillion.

He had noted that “73 percent of the countries around the world, as well as the private sector, are implementing a cash-based budget.”

“This is the way to go if you want transparency and efficiency,” he said. “Annual cash-based appropriations will also encourage a more open and accountable government. In this new system, agency performance will be measured not on contracts awarded or obligated but on the actual delivery of goods and services that will improve the lives of Filipinos.”

NOPTI sets review sessions for LET

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The National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc is holding its regular review classes for prospective takers of the Licensing Examination for Teachers to be administered by the Professional Regulation Commission in Hong Kong this September.

The regular review classes are held every Sunday until Aug 26 at the Bayanihan Center in Kennedy Town.

The final coaching will be conducted by the Carl Balita Review Center at the Bayanhihan Hall on Sept 2, Stanley Community Hall on Sept 9 and Bayanihan Hall on Sept 16.

Join the Coins for Bethune House fund-raising project

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The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge is calling on more organizations and individuals to join its annual Coins for Bethune House fundraising project, which is meant to raise funds to sustain the shelter’s programs and expenses.

Those who wish to join may collect cans or jars for their donations from the Mission for Migrant Workers office in St John’s Cathedral on Garden Road, Hong Kong, or from the Bethune shelter on #2 Jordan Road, Kowloon.

Those who have already filled their cans are enjoined to submit them as soon as possible to #2 Jordan from Monday to Saturday, and to the Mission office on Sundays. The deadline for submitting the cans is on Sept 30.

The first counting of donations made through the cans began on Aug. 12, and will continue for the next Sundays until the deadline.

Bethune House executive director Edwina Antonio is appealing for more help, citing a financial crisis brought about by the unexpected withdrawal of funding support from big corporate donors.

“We are always grateful and thankful for the support the Filipino Community extends to our migrants in distress, especially women. And as everybody knows, the Bethune House is undergoing a crisis to come up with a significant amount to augment its finances to sustain its programs and expenses,” she said.

“It is during times of need that challenges turn into opportunities. It is through this that the Coins For Bethune House project was born years ago. It continues to help sustain us, which is why your coins are very much welcome,” Antonio also asserted.

For enquiries, please call 27213119, 25228264 or 93572125.
Note from Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge: “We met this young girl when we visited Bradbury School. She came to us with her teacher, holding a hundred dollar bill. She said  she and her sister made chatterboxes to sell to raise money for Bethune House. She is worried about the women at Bethune House. We, the residents were speechless by her compassion, sense of charity and social responsibility at her age, so humbled and touched by her gesture.”

Pinay in reported suicide to be flown home

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Ariel (in red shirt) and other relatives meet with
CG Morales (in suit) at the Consulate


Consulate officers say the remains of the Filipina who allegedly hanged herself at her employer’s home will be flown home on Aug. 27.

A day before this, or on Aug. 26, a Sunday, a public viewing of her body will be held at the North District Hospital in Sheung Shui, from 12 noon to 3pm. Mourners are requested to wear white.

According to Lorna Obedoza, welfare officer at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, the employers of the victim had paid for the repatriation, and also paid for long service for the seven and a half years that the Filipina had worked for them.

The employers also reportedly asked for understanding from those who had been bashing them because they did not show up at the hospital where their longtime helper was in critical condition for about a week before she was taken off life support.

According to Obedoza, the employers said they were also distraught at the helper’s passing, as she had been with them for a long time.

The victim’s husband, who is to fly back home to Anini-y, Antique to await his wife’s repatriation, had earlier called on the police to look into a possible foul play in the death of his wife.

Ariel, who also met with Consul General Antonio A. Morales on Aug. 13, said he did not believe his wife had committed suicide.

Ariel told The SUN his late wife, who would have turned 33 years old on Aug. 18, had not told him of any problem except for alleged death threats she had been hearing shortly before she was found dead.

“Lagi po kasing naririnig ng misis ko na papadampot siya at patayin,” Ariel said, but did not specify who might have been behind these threats.

He said his wife had told two of her friends on Jul 31 about the death threats but did not have time to report them to the police or Consulate.

Ariel also claimed his wife’s phone had been emptied of messages and reformatted when police recovered it. In addition, a piece of luggage where she hid her work contract and other important documents were reportedly missing.

Ariel corrected earlier reports that they had just gotten married, saying they were wed on June 25, 2009. His wife just went home recently to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary with him. They had no children.
Other relatives told Morales that the victim, who used to work as a sales lady at a department store, used to take her day off only once a month and seldom met up with them.

The victim, who was briefly revived on being taken to hospital, was taken off life support system at 2pm on Aug 8, nearly 48 hours since she was declared brain-dead by doctors in the intensive care unit.

One of her cousins said that contrary to earlier reports, the victim was found by her employer in the toilet, and not in the maid’s bedroom of their luxury villa in The Green, Sheung Shui in the morning of Aug. 1.

Reports said the maid had hung herself with a wire, although a bottle of pesticide was also found in the room. There was no suicide note.

Police had indicated they found nothing suspicious, and were only investigating the reason for her suicide.

After talking to the victim’s relatives, Morales said the Consulate needs to conduct seminars for Filipino workers here on mental health. He added that they need to call the PCG immediately if they are troubled.

“We will be holding seminars to teach our workers how to cope with stress so that we can avoid tragedies like this,” Morales told The SUN. He said the Consulate’s hotline is also open 24 hours a day to answer calls.

“We have counselors here who can give them advice if they have problems,” he said.

The same advice was given earlier by Consul Paulo Saret, head of the assistance to nationals section. He said OFWs should also talk to relatives and friends about their problems to get these off their chests.

They could also call The Samaritans, which runs a 24-hour multilingual suicide prevention hotline at 2896 0000. Emails can also be sent to

Allied Express Travel opens two new branches

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Within just a week, Allied Express Travel opened two new branches in Hong Kong, in a bid to expand its market share of the Filipino market.
The first new branch opened on Aug. 5 at the Hop Yick Commercial Centre at 33 Hop Choi Street in Yuen Long. The second opened on Aug. 12 at shop 201 in Worldwide Plaza in Central.
Daisy Briones, chief executive officer of Allied Express Travel, said she was overwhelmed by the warm response from the public to their “Two Grand Openings,” especially the one at Worldwide Plaza.
“We had a soft opening of our Worldwide branch a few days before the grand launch, and the customers just started coming, mostly walk-ins,” said Briones. “We are truly grateful for this warm reception.”
The company’s chief operating officer, Jassen Trankow, said Allied Express Travel aims to build up customer trust and satisfaction as it continues to expand its operations.
Among the guests at the travel agency’s grand openings were representatives from Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, media people, friends and family members.
Customers and staff celebrate the grand opening the World Wide Plaza (photo above) and Yuen Long Branch (photo below) of Allied Express Travel. The two events were attended by Daisy Briones, CEO of Allied Express Travel; Jeffrey Briones, manager of Allied Express and Jassen Trankow, COO of Allied Express, as well as representatives from Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.
Allied Express Travel, which was founded in 1995, still has its main office at No 3 Queen Victoria Street in Central.

License of employment agency revoked

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The Labour Department (LD) has revoked the licence of an employment agency, Galaxy Maid Employment Consultants Limited, Central and Causeway Bay.

Labour Department headquarters in Central.
LD also reminded operators of employment agencies to conduct their business in compliance with the law and the Code of Practice for EAs at all times.

Galaxy’s license was cancelled for failure “to meet the standards set out in the Code by failing to include all required items in the service agreements for foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) and their employers, failing to keep the written confirmation of FDHs and their employers that they had been briefed about their statutory rights and obligations as well as the content of the Standard Employment Contract by the EA, and failing to keep records relating to the dealings with employers.”

It added: “Despite repeated warnings given by the Employment Agencies Administration (EAA) of the LD, the EA was unable to rectify the irregularities detected.”

The LD spokesman said, “The Code sets out the salient legal requirements that EA operators must observe in operating their business, as well as the minimum standards which the Commissioner expects of EAs. The EAA conducts regular and surprise inspections of EAs and issues warning letters to EAs for contraventions of the Code, so as to rectify any irregularity detected.     

“Under the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 that came into effect on February 9, 2018, the Commissioner is empowered under sections 53(1)(c)(iva), 53(1)(d)(iii) and 53(1)(e)(ii) to refuse to issue or renew a licence, or to revoke a licence, if the licensee or the person intending to be the licensee, or a related person of or an individual employed by the licensee or the person intending to be the licensee, has not complied with a code of practice issued under section 62A(1) of the Ordinance.”

This is the fifth case this year involving revocation of or refusal to renew an EA license. Previously, Familia Employment Agency, an EA located in Tai Po, had its licence revoked after the licensee was convicted of overcharging three job seekers. A further two EAs, namely Tin Wai Employment Company Limited, an EA located in Mong Kok and Tuen Mun, and Good Family Employment Agency Company Limited located in Kennedy Town, had their licences revoked respectively for contravening the Code and providing misleading information during the inspections and enquiries of the EAA and for contravening the Code by being involved in the financial affairs of job seekers, failing to issue payment receipts and having the management fail to closely supervise its staff. Another EA named JK Company located in Mong Kok had its license renewal refused.

Lanie is back home – for now

Posted on 15 August 2018 No comments

By Daisy CL Mandap

Lanie at HK airport about to fly home
Nine months after fleeing the flat of a couple she claims subjected her to slave-like treatment, Lanie Grace Rosareal, 28, has returned home.

The Filipina domestic worker left Hong Kong on Aug. 11, after finally being allowed to apply for a new employment visa so she could resume work while fighting her case against her former employer and her companion who Rosareal says, subjected her to physical abuse, and did not pay her salary for six months.

Rosareal was one of the few lucky migrant workers who could go home while waiting for their cases to be resolved. Many others are forced to either remain in Hong Kong -unemployed for months while the police investigate their cases - or to just give up the fight and return home.

Luck for Rosareal came when the solicitors firm, Daly, Ho and Associates, one of Hong Kong’s foremost human rights advocates, agreed to take up her case. Shocked by the sight of a “punishment book” where her employer’s companion, Au Wai-chun, had listed down imaginary faults for which Rosareal was fined each time, solicitor Patricia Meason-Ho readily agreed to take up her case.

On this page in the "punishment book" Au warned: "Also continue like this I sure will send you to police"
Here, Au calculated that up to Oct 23 (2017) the maid owed $3,600. The next day, it shot up to $5,000. 

Another fact that stood out was Au’s prior conviction for pouring hot water on a Bangladeshi maid for which the retired immigration officer was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to pay damages of $200,000.

On the solicitors’ advice, Rosareal managed to have a new employment contract filed with Immigration within the 10-day limit she was given so she could exit and wait for her visa in the Philippines.

Help was also extended by Consul Paulo Saret of the Philippine Consulate General and Labor Attache Leonida Romulo, who teamed up to make sure the Filipina’s new employment contract was processed within one day so she could immediately file it with Immigration.

But on Thursday, Aug. 9, Rosareal’s bid to acquire a new work visa was almost derailed when an Immigration officer rejected her employment contract, and even shouted “Do not waste my time!” when she suggested he conferred with her counselor. A quick call from Daly and Ho caused the officer to back off and accept the contract.

Also working in Rosareal’s favor was an incisive story on her case written by Simon Parry for the SCMP magazine, and published on Aug. 12. The article included lengthy interviews with Rosareal and her alleged tormentor, 65-year-old Au, and her erstwhile employer, Leung Shet-ying, 63.

In the article, Au denied hurting Rosareal, saying she treated the maid either as a “naughty daughter” or “naughty student” for which she had set up some rules for punishment and rewards.

While reportedly admitting that she imposed a penalty on Rosareal for every infraction, Au claimed she gave back most of the maid’s salary after taking it to pay for the cumulative fines for the month. However, no record was made in the punishment book for any such salary that had been paid back.

Rosareal fled the house shared by Leung and Au in Tseung Kwan O on Nov 17 last year. She was rescued, along with newly hired Filipina maid, Rowela S. Suete, by a Filipino community leader who had responded to Suete’s appeal for help on Facebook.

In statements she made to labour officers and the police, Rosareal claimed that Au had subjected her to almost daily torture from May to November last year. The elderly woman had reportedly hit her on the head with a knife and a TV remote control, boxed her in the arm, clawed on her wrists and neck, poked her at the throat with a pair of scissors, and made her kneel and bang her head on the floor.

Once, the maid said she was told to bang her forehead thrice on the floor, but when she failed to do it hard enough on the first try, Au, who reportedly pretends to be wheelchair-bound when outside the house, stomped hard on her back. At Suete’s prodding, Rosareal said she took a photo of the big bump on her forehead as evidence.
Rosareal's photo of the bump on her forehead

During the prolonged abuse, Leung reportedly stayed out of the way most of the time, but would be prevailed upon by Au sometimes to hit the Filipina with a walking stick.

Apart from the abuse, Rosareal said she was not paid her salary for the entire period because of the penalties that Au imposed for such a range of bizarre infractions such as “give the ugly hanger” to “not pay attention to the underwear” or “not stand in front of her when she complains”.

Leung would reportedly pay her salary each month, but would then tell her to go to Au to settle her “penalties.” Rosareal said that as a result, she never got any pay, but would just be given $100 or $200 by Au the few times she was allowed to leave for a few hours on a Sunday.

She never took an entire day off, Rosareal claimed, because by the end of each month, she would always come out owing Au. For the period of Sept 22 to Oct 23, for example, Au’s computation showed she still owed $3,750 after turning over her entire salary.

On her last entry in the punishment book, a total sum of $29,230 was recorded, presumably as the accumulation of all her unpaid penalties.

Recalling those times recently, Rosareal bitterly said Au would even take her to a shopping mall sometimes, and would make a big show of splurging on luxury items from the fines that she collected.

"She would show me an expensive bag or a blouse which she said she had bought with my money," the Filipina said. 
Rosareal's photo - taken while Au on trial for
her assault on Bangladeshi maid in 2014

Despite her lengthy ordeal, Lanie did not get immediate relief. Police in Tseung Kwan O took her statement without an interpreter, then told her Au had been arrested, but was allowed to post bail. She was given no more updates since.

A check with the Police Public Relations Bureau showed that Au was arrested on Dec. 11, 2017 for "criminal assault and intimidation" but was released on police bail. She was required to report back in late August, a good eight months away. "Investigation of the case has been completed and is pending legal advice," said the advisory.
Au on her way to her trial in a wheelchair and
wearing a hand splint - SCMP photo

In the meantime, Hong Kong Immigration kept extending Rosareal's visa, but when she submitted a new employment contract, she was told it would not be processed until her case was resolved. 

Failing to get Leung to pay her claims before Labour Department conciliators, Rosareal took her case to the Labour Tribunal. But in January this year, she faced another setback when Tribunal Officer Mary Wu decided that all she was entitled to was $2,408.70 in unpaid wages and traveling allowance.

Wu said in open court that it was not irregular for Leung to pay Rosareal's salary, then tell the maid to go to Au to settle her "penalties".

"That is nothing to do with the contract. You are being punished because maybe you have done something wrong and that's why the employer punish you or that Madam Au punish you and you have to pay compensation to them," said Wu.

The tribunal officer told Rosareal to go to the Small Claims Tribunal if she wished to get her money back from Au, and at one point even suggested the maid could have written on the punishment book herself.

Left with no choice but to wait for the police to act on her case, Rosareal tried to keep her spirits up by doing volunteer work for the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. She also helped some of her fellow wards at a government shelter pursue their respective cases, but it was not always easy. Unemployed and still suffering from the trauma of the past year, Rosareal had to go for counseling
three times a week, and in between, look for ways to keep afloat and sane.

She had thought of going home, but was prevailed upon by several people to stay, saying police would probably dismiss her complaint if she left.

With the latest twist in her story going her way, Rosareal says she hopes justice is finally within reach.

What's on where

Posted on 14 August 2018 No comments

The Philippine Consulate General and all its attached agencies including POLO will be closed on the following date:
Aug 27 – National Heroes Day (Philippines)
Sept. 25 – Day Following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
Oct. 1 – PRC National Day (HK)
Oct 17 – Cheung Yeung Festival (HK)
There will be no official transactions on these dates.
In case of emergency, call:  9155 4023 (Consular assistance), 5529 1880 (POLO), 6345 9324 (OWWA)

Give Care to our Caregivers
Aug. 19, 12nn – 5pm, Victoria Park, Causeway Bay
Organized by: Mission for Migrant Workers. Volunteers welcome: Call Cynthia, 9740 9406 or Esther, 9711 1673

Empanada and Embutido Making
(Livelihood Skills Training). Aug 19, 9:30am – 12:30pm, Bayanihan Centre, 55 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town.First come, first served. Kindly bring  Apron, Hairnet, Minimal contribution for ingredients (Free training but cost of ingredients will be equally shouldered by participants, finished products will be taken home. Organized by: CARD HK Foundation. Call: 9529 6392/5423 8196/ 9606 6810

Linis Wais (Basic Hygiene Sanitation and Food Safety Training)
Aug. 19, 2-4pm,PCG Conference Room. Speaker/Trainer: Jhell Palomaria, Certified – Food Safety by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Certificates will be issued. Registration closed as of Aug 10. For info, check the Consulate Facebook page

Blood Donation Drive
Aug 19, 11am-5pm, Hong Kong Red Cross Causeway Bay Donation Center 14/F, Plaza 2000, 2-4 Russell Street. Causeway Bay (MTR Station Exit A) To register as a donor, send an email to with subject line na: “Blood Donation”, and give your name, telephone number and indicate your preferred time from this schedule: * 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 a.m., * 12:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., * 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m., * 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Important Advice: Only 10 participants will be allowed into the Donation Centre every hour to avoid overcrowding

Foreign Domestic Work: Understanding the Journey
(Talk by Dr. Ju-chen Chen of Chinese University of HK)
Aug 26, 2-5pm,PCG Conference Room
To book a slot, call Analyn at 6500 9288 or Lorna at 2823 8512. Organized by: Philippine Consulate General and Wimler Foundation

Silid Sining Pinay: Unlocking Pinay Creativity
Painting Workshop Sessions for OFWs in HK with Filipino artist Grace P. Camacho.  Sept 2, 9am-12nn,Oct 7, 9am – 12nn,PCG Gallery.Organized by: PCG with Pitter Painter. Requirements: HKID copy and one 2x2" photo.To register, visit the PCG Cultural Section or email with subject: “SilidSining”

“Sagip Kapwa” Free Fire Safety Classes
First Session: Sept 8 (Saturday) at Tung Lo Wan Fire Station, 111 Victoria Park Rd., Causeway Bay, HK. Second Session: Oct 20 (Saturday) at Wong Tai Sin Fire Station, 28 Fung Tak Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon Twenty slots are available for each session. Certificates will be given.To register, send your name and mobile phone number by email to with the title: “FIRE”. For other details, check the Philippine Consulate General Facebook page

Hike for a Cause
(Fund-raising for 10-year-old Charlene Kate Lariosa who is suffering from chronic kidney failure)
Sept. 23, 9:30am-11:30am. Route: Peak to Mount High West View. Meeting place: Peak Galleria. Contact: Marites, 5711 1533

FBC’s 7th Anniversary Bowling Party
Oct 7, 10am-4pm.South China Athletic Association Bowling Centre, Causeway Bay. Come in your funny costume, and join the games! Organizer: Filipino Bowling Club Hong Kong Jenny 9401 7051

Nueva Vizcaya Day 2018
Oct 21 (Sunday), from 10 am,Chater Road, Central
Highlights: Search for Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya 2018 and Sassy Look International 2018. Organizer: United Nueva Vizcayanos - HK

Baka gusto mong salihan ito

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Caritas Cantonese lessons for EM residents
Caritas Asian Migrant Workers Social Service Project has received sponsorship from the Home Affairs Department to run language courses for ethnic minority residents in HK.
the following is the details for your reference.
Saturday Basic Cantonese
    Period : 1 Sept. - 15 Dec. 2018 (16 lessons in total)
   Time   : 10:00 - 13:00 (Total 50 hours)
   Target : Ethnic Minorities in HK with HKID
   Fee     : HK$100 / head including materials (CSSA recipient : HK$50)
   Venue : Caritas Shek Kip Mei Centre. Rm. 107, 1/F, Tai Hang Tung Community Centre, 17 Tong Yam Street, Shek Kip Mei, KLN.       

Sunday Basic Cantonese
   Period : 2 Sept. - 16 Dec. 2018 (16 lessons in total)
   Time   : 10:00 - 13:00 (Total 50 hours)
   Target : Ethnic Minorities in HK with HKID
   Fee     : HK$100 / head including materials (CSSA recipient : HK$50)
   Venue : Caritas Fortress Hill Centre. G/F., No. 28A Fortress Hill Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong.
For inquiries, please call  2147-5988.

Caritas also has the following programs for foreign domestic workers:

Medical Consultation and Acupuncture Services
Sept 16- Oct 21, 10 am – 1pm
$10 minimal fee will be collected)

Occupational Health and Safety Workshop
Sept 16- Nov 25 (6 Sundays in total), 10:30am-12:30pm
$20 minimal fee will be collected
Venue: Caritas Fortress Hill Centre. G/F., No. 28A Fortress Hill Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong.
For inquiries, please call  2147-5988.

Licensure Examination for Teachers
The Special Examination for Professional Teachers will be held in Hong Kong on Sept 30, 2018
The deadline for submitting online applications has passed.
For updates, contact the National Organization of Professional Teachers through Gemma Lauraya, 6169 5181 or the Facebook page of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office

Filcom group announcements:

Free Zumba Class
Sundays, 10am-11am (or stay longer if you want)
Pier 10, Central
Open to everyone
Offered by: Kayumanggi Zumba Fitness Group HK

Free Yoga Class 
Sundays, 8:30am-9:30am
Pier 10, Central
Open to everyone
Organized by: Andappan Yoga Community

Ang kapalaran mo sa Agosto

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ASO. Isinilang noong 1922/34/46/58/70/82/94

Maganda ang resulta ng pinagpaguran. Pero, posibleng makaranas ng kabiguan sa relasyon. May banta ng pamamaga at hirap sa pag-ihi. Gagawa ka ng paraan upang makaiwas sa pagkabagot at kawalan ng sigla ng buhay. Manunumbalik ang kumpiyansa sa sarili dahil sa swerteng darating. Lahat ng hiling mo para sa pamilya at mahal sa buhay ay matutupad. Bisitahin at kumustahin ang mga magulang. Lucky numbers: 7, 15, 21 at 41.
BABOY. Isinilang noong 1923/35/47/59/71/83/95
Maraming pagbabago ang magaganap sa linggong ito, harapin ito ng maayos at sumakay lang sa agos. Masasaktan ka dahil magkakagusto ka sa taong malabong magkagusto sa iyo. Gawing kapaki-pakinabang ang oras ng pahinga at huwag ubusin sa pag-inom o panonood ng TV. Ginagawa mo ang kaya mo upang maging masaya ang tahanan, pero tila hindi ito sapat at hindi ito pansin ng asawa mo kaya nagiging bayolente ang reaksyon mo. \Lucky numbers: 7, 26, 35 at 40.

DAGA. Isinilang noong 1924/36/48/60/72/84/96 
Pagkakataon mo na upang makatikim ng swerte; subukan mong lumaro. Sa pag-ibig, madali mong mahahanap ang tamang kilos at salita upang humupa ang tensyon at mapakalma ang mahal mo. Ang pagkakaroon ng eczema ay maaaring dulot ng stress at nerbiyos na pinagdadaanan. Sa trabaho, hindi maiiwasan ang pagtatalo. Masusubukan mo ang katapatan ng mga kaibigan na handang suportahan ka. Lucky numbers: 21, 28, 30 at 38.

BAKA. Isinilang noong 1925/37/49/61/73/85/97 
Masigla ang katawan at pag-iisip. Madali kang makakagawa ng desisyon at makakaisip ng paraan na makakatulong sa trabaho at pinansyal na kalagayan. Masaya ang relasyon mo ngayon kaya magaan ang pakiramdam mo. Nanaisin mong magsaya at mag-enjoy kapiling ang mga taong kasundo mo. Magaan kang kumain ngayon, at wala kang pakialam sa sasabihin ng iba; ikaw rin ang mahihirapan pagdating ng araw. Lucky numbers: 19, 29, 37 at 42.
TIGRE Isinilang noong 1926/38/50/62/74/86 at 98 
Malulusutan mo ng maayos ang isang delikadong sitwasyon. Mag-ingat na masobrahan ang tiwala sa sarili sa lalo na sa pakikipag-usap tungkol sa malakihang transaksyon sa negosyo. Kung hinahanap ang sister soul, matutupad ang hangarin mo. Madali kang mapagod, bantayan ang kinakain, dapat ay balanse ito at magaan sa tiyan. Mahalaga sa iyo ang relasyon sa pamilya kaya pilipitin mong maging masaya ang tahanan; pero iwasang maging mapaghanap. Lucky numbers: 3, 19, 33 at 45.

KUNEHO Isinilang noong 1927/39/51/63/75/87 
Gusto mong pagsabayin ang trabaho at pagsasaya upang mag-enjoy habang nagta-trabaho, pero iwasan muna ito ngayon dahil baka ka mapasama; mas mainam na umiwas muna sa ipinagbabawal. Sa isang banda, hangad mo ring matuto pa at makatuklas ng bagong bagay, gawin agad ito. Ang suporta at samahan ng pamilya ay mahalaga sa iyo, at kahit hindi mo sinasabi o ipinapakita, alam ng mahal mo sa buhay na may puwang sila sa buhay mo. Lucky numbers: 11, 18, 35 at 40.

 DRAGON Isinilang noong 1928/40/52/64/76/88 
Malinaw kung ano ang gusto mo at matalas ang isip mo kaya madali kang makaalpas sa mahirap na kalagayan, kung hindi ka panghihinaan ng loob. Masasayang oras ang pagsasaluhan, kung magtatagal ang relasyon. Madali kasing mahulog ang loob mo sa mga bagong kakilala. Higpitang mabuti ang pagba-budget mo at iwasan ang sobrang gastos upang maiwasan ang nerbiyos tuwing katapusan ng buwan. Lucky numbers: 13, 25, 32 at 42.

AHAS Isinilang noong 1929/41/53/65/77/89 
Hindi makakasama ang pagkain ng pasta kaya huwag matakot na baka tumaba. Sa trabaho, matapang mong isusulong ang gusto mong gawin at hindi alintana ang mga problema, matupad lang ang hangarin mo. Mag-ingat lang na baka magkaroon ng seryosong hidwaan sa mas nakakataas sa iyo tungkol sa otoridad. May magandang balitang darating: sagutin ang telepono at abangan ang sulat. Lucky numbers: 16, 29, 38 at 44.

KABAYO. Isinilang noong 1930/42/54/66/78/90
May tsansa na mapasok ka sa isang relasyon na kahit walang patutunguhan ay magbibigay sa iyo ng saya. Pero maaring maging sanhi rin ito ng hindi inaasahang pagkasira at pagkasugat ng damdamin. Gagawin mo ang lahat upang malagay sa posisyon na wala kang pananagutan sa iba, kahit pa katumbas nito ang pagbaba ng katayuan. Kaya mong alisin ang hiya at magpakita ng tapang kung talagang kinakailangan. Lucky numbers: 6, 13, 37 at 43.

KAMBING. Isinilang noong 1919/31/43/55/67/79 at 91 
Mag-ingat sa kinakain, pero huwag pagdamutan ang sarili sa pagkaing gusto mo, huwag lang sobra. Huwag mong balewalain ang kapalaran, kumbinsihin ang sarili na iyan ang itinakda ng tadhana, at bunga ng iyong ginagawa. Huwag umasa na ang sugal ang magiging solusyon sa problema mo sa pera ngayon. Marami ang magpapatunay sa kabutihan ng iyong puso, na labis mong ikalulugod. Lucky numbers: 11, 29, 34 at 42.

UNGGOY. Isinilang noong 1920/32/44/56/68/80/92
Huwag mag-panic kung biglang tumaas ang cholesterol level mo, at huwag agad mag-diyeta nang hindi kumukunsulta sa doktor. Marami kang magagandang plano na gusto mong madaliin na masimulan agad. May ugali kang hindi kagandahan, na akala mo ay makukuha mo ang lahat ng gusto mo, lalo na sa love life. Huwag masyadong maging excited, at umasa agad; maging realistiko upang hindi ka masaktan ng husto. Lucky numbers: 20, 21, 30 at 36.

TANDANG Isinilang noong 1921/33/45/57/69/81/93
Makakaasa ka ng positibong resulta sa pinansyal na kalagayan, sa pamamagitan ng kontrata o alok na negosyo at proyekto. Maswerte ka rin sa sugal. Kung single, matatamo mo ang pangarap na pag-ibig, matatag na buhay at kaligayahan. Masaya para sa iyo ang mga taong malalapit sa iyo dahil sa nakikitang positibong pagbabago mo, - mas palakaibigan, mabait at mas mapagbigay ka kaysa dati. Lucky numbers: 19, 24, 37 at 40.

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