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Filipina fined $1,000 for stealing employer’s $350

Posted on 16 October 2018 No comments
By Vir B. Lumicao

A 37-year-old Filipina helper has lost her job, paid a $1,000 fine and faces immediate deportation – all because she stole $350 from her employer.

Joyce Atonen, who is in Hong Kong for just over three months, pleaded guilty in Kowloon City Court on Oct 16 to two charges of stealing a total of $350 in cash from her employer around mid-September.

Kowloon City Court
Atonen, who arrived in Hong Kong only in July, could not stop sobbing when she appeared before Magistrate Vivian Wong for committal to the court after police had completed their investigation.

The mother of five faced two charges of theft for allegedly stealing $200 and $150 on separate occasions from a drawer inside her employer’s bedroom in a unit at Bright View Court, Argyle St., Kowloon City.

The employer, a Chinese female surnamed Chan, reportedly put $1,000 in the drawer in mid-September. When she checked the money later, she noticed that $200 was missing.

Suspecting that the defendant took the money, Chan marked the remaining cash with a small tag. The employer checked the money again on Oct 2 and noticed that the tag had moved and another $150 was missing.

Chan dismissed Atonen on Oct 3 and reported the theft to the police on Oct 8. The defendant was arrested and investigated at the Hung Hom Police Station on Sunday, Oct 14, and was charged with theft the next day.

The prosecution said Atonen had admitted taking the money because she needed it for her expenses.

In mitigation, the duty lawyer assigned to the Filipina said the defendant is the sole breadwinner in the family and her three younger children are still going to school.

Magistrate Wong told the helper that theft was a breach of trust, a serious offense. But she noted that the amount stolen was small and a fine was appropriate.

Wong fined Atonen $1,000.

The Filipina said she had to take back her cell phone from the police so she could call a friend and seek help to raise money for the fine. But the magistrate said the helper must pay the fine before 5pm on Oct 16.

After Wong had left the courtroom, Danny Baldon, an officer of the assistance to nationals unit of the Consulate, consoled Atonen by assuring her the Consulate would pay the fine so she could be released that day.

OFWs can choose to pay lowest mandatory SSS contribution, says official

Posted on No comments

By Daisy CL Mandap

Yes, it is true that all overseas Filipino workers could be compelled to pay monthly contributions to the Social Security System starting next year. But no, they should not pay the maximum contribution of Php2,400 if they do not want to.

This was the statement made by Lester Paul S. Mata, the new SSS representative in Hong Kong, when asked for a reaction on Oct. 16 to criticisms about the newly passed legislation mandating all OFWs to pay for social security.
Mapa says OFWs can pay only Php960 monthly 

Under the Social Security Act of 2018 passed by both houses of Congress on Oct 4, the mandatory SSS membership to be paid by all OFWs, both land-based and sea-based, will go up by 12% next year (from the current 11%), and will gradually increase, reaching 15% by 2025.

According to statements issued by Migrante International and its Hong Kong affiliate, United Filipinos in Hong Kong, the new law could result in OFWs being forced to pay Php2,400 every month from next year. By 2020, this would go up to Php2,714 monthly, and so on.

Mata said this is not the case, because OFWs could still choose to pay the lowest monthly contribution of Php960 per month. However, this lowest contribution pegs the OFW member’s monthly salary at only Php8,000, so all benefits that will accrue to the member will be based on this figure.

Mata said SSS officials expect the bill to be signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte before the end of the year, so it could be enforced in early 2019. 

He said he has yet to get a copy of the proposed law himself, but confirmed that one of its key features is a requirement that all departing OFWs must pay at least three monthly contributions before they could leave for their job destinations.

That means that even if they choose to pay the lowest monthly contribution, they would still have to shell out at least Php2,880 in SSS payments before being able to fly out to their job destinations.

That will be on top of other fees they will have to pay, including for training and other recruitment related fees, and mandatory insurance, which is now pegged at USD$144 for land-based OFWs and USD$200 for seafarers for every two-year contracts.

The new law is packaged as providing additional benefits to members, including compensation for those who suddenly lose their jobs. This payment amounts to half the salary credit, up to two months only.

This means that an OFW who pays the minimum contribution will be entitled to only Php4,000 per month x two months, or a total benefit payment of Php8,000. Those who choose to pay the highest contribution of Php2,400 a month could only hope to get a maximum of Php20,000.

Migrante has hit out at the new mandatory fees, saying the Duterte government will be amassing hundreds of billions of pesos at the expense of OFWs already burdened by numerous state exactions.

“Forcing all OFWs to be covered as compulsory SSS members is outrageous since this exaction will be on top of the US$144 mandatory insurance recently enacted under the Duterte regime through POEA,” said Migrante International spokesperson Arman Hernando.

Unifil-Migrante chairperson Dolores Balladares also hit out at the forced collections, accusing the government of using OFWs as milking cows.

“Parang tokhang na tuloy ito, papatayin ang mga OFWs sa dami ng mga bayarin. Bakit ayaw tantanan ang mga OFWs?,” she asked in an earlier interview.

Migrante has vowed to exert all means to stop the bill from becoming law.

Pinay in hospital with injuries after Happy Valley carpark accident

Posted on No comments

By The SUN

A Filipina domestic worker was injured early this morning, Oct 16, when a vehicle pulling out of a carpark on Broadwood Road in Happy Valley reportedly bumped the car of her employer that she was cleaning.

The woman, surnamed Midriano, was sent to Queen Mary Hospital by officers who responded to a report of the accident at 9:18 am, a spokeswoman of the Police Public Relations Branch told The SUN.

The spokeswoman said the helper was conscious when taken to the hospital. She could not say if the driver of the car was arrested, only saying that an investigation was still being conducted.

The scene of the accident as shown on Facebook
Staff at the Philippine Consulate said late in the afternoon that they had not yet received any information about the accident.

Eyewitnesses said the wayward car was a Jaguar sport utility vehicle.

The wayward vehicle was reportedly being driven out of the carpark when it bumped into the car of Midriano’s employer, injuring the helper who was cleaning the vehicle at the time.

Photos of the accident were circulated on social media by a user identified as “Jeffrey” by other netizens.

The post said: “Kawawa naman si kabayan, nag ka car wash lang inabutan pa ng nag malfunction na Jaguar. Happened (on) Broadwood Road, Happy Valley. Minsan talaga di mo masabi buhay ng tao. Pls (ipag) pray natin si kabayan.”
One of the photos showed the victim lying on the carpark lot with an overturned pail beside her, and some dark liquid spilled on the floor beside her. A female security staff of the estate was standing guard while apparently awaiting the arrival of police and paramedics.

Other photos showed a red Jaguar SUV with a wrecked fender and hood, while an adjacent white car is shown also with a dented hood. Another photo showed paramedics surrounding the Filipina on the ground, apparently just before she was driven away to the hospital.

Elderly Pinay jailed over US$50M fake check case given only 2 years to live

Posted on No comments
By Vir B. Lumicao

Prosecutors say they are considering dropping a case against an elderly Filipina tourist who allegedly tried to cash a fake US$50 million check because she was found with a rapidly growing brain tumor and has only two years to live.

A medical report presented to District Court on Oct 11 by the solicitor for Maria Ilao O. Gosilatar, 76, disclosed her condition.

Gosilatar, who is in custody, appeared in court with a large gauze bandage covering the left side of her head, indicating she had undergone a surgical procedure.

But the prosecution said it would seek a second opinion on the condition of Gosilatar, who has been detained since her arrest on Dec 9, 2016. The elderly woman’s trial on a charge of “using a false instrument” was originally set for Oct 26.

The prosecution told the judge that Gosilatar would return to the court on Nov 8, when the second medical report would be ready, to find out whether the case against her would be pursued.

If the case goes ahead, the three-day trial will be moved to Jan 28-31.

Gosilatar was arrested along with a local accountant on Dec. 9, 2016, when they went to the Hang Seng Bank head office along Des Veoux Road, Central to try to cash the US$50 million check.

A charity foundation in her name named Mama Mary 2000 International Foundation, allegedly received the check as a donation.

The case has been pending in District Court for trial as Gosilatar waited for more than a year before she could obtain a lawyer through Legal Aid.

Gosilatar, allegedly the chairwoman of the Bulacan-based charity group, told the court in a previous hearing that Philippine police had told her she had been conned.

Pinoy in US$50k ‘fake’ traveler’s checks to be tried

A Filipino male tourist accused of “using a false instrument” has decided to plead not guilty to a charge of trying to cash US$50,000 worth of allegedly fake traveler’s checks at a money shop in Central early this year

The lawyer assigned by Legal Aid to defend Noel Rambuyon told District Court Judge K.W. Kwok on Sept 27 that his client would plead not guilty.

Judge Kwok scheduled the trial for Mar 4 to 6, 2019.

The prosecution said it will present witnesses including bank staff, the arresting officer and forensic experts.

Rambuyon arrived as a tourist around the Lunar New Year this year.

Shortly after his arrival, he went to a money shop in Central to swap booklets of Thomas Cooke traveler’s checks amounting to US$50,000. Each check had a face value of US$1,000.

A police forensic examination found that the traveler’s checks were fake. This was later confirmed by Thomas Cooke, the London-based banking company that that used to issue the instruments.

Thomas Cooke, which has sold its foreign exchange operation to Travelex, said that since 2002, it had stopped printing the type of traveler’s checks that Rambuyon allegedly attempted to exchange.

On Sept 18, a magistrate at Eastern Court dismissed a charge of “using a false instrument” against three other Filipino male tourists who presented an allegedly fake US$5 billion bank draft to an HSBC staff in June.

Consul Paulo Saret, head of the assistance to nationals section, has sought legal advice to see if the earlier ruling could be used as a precedent for dismissing Rambuyon’s case. – Vir B. Lumicao

Ex-maid fails in bid to appeal against deportation

Posted on No comments
By Vir B. Lumicao

A former Filipina domestic helper has failed in her bid to appeal a High Court judge’s decision denying her the right to seek a judicial review of Immigration’s decision to send her back to the Philippines.

Jamaicha Bansiles was told on Sept 27 by the Court of Appeal that there were no reasons to disturb Judge Bruno Chan’s rejection of the applicant’s grounds for the intended judicial review.

Justices Carlye Chu and Aarif Barma concurred in the decision.

“We agree with the Judge that the intended judicial review is not reasonably arguable and has no prospect of success, and leave to apply for judicial review should be refused,” the justices said in a decision dismissing the application.

Bansiles came to Hong Kong in November 2006 to work as a domestic worker, but she was fired in April 2007. She remained and overstayed her visa in Hong Kong until police arrested her on Mar 15, 2009. 

She filed a torture claim in 2009, but the director rejected it in October 2012 and her appeal to the Torture Claims Appeal Board was refused in February 2013.  But on Oct 17, 2014, the court allowed a judicial review and her torture claim was sent to the director for reconsideration.

Bansiles said she feared she would be harmed or killed by two people – Boy Sison and Gilbert Gacutan - for failing to repay loans. She said she had to borrow money from Sison for a botched training course in London, and from Gacutan for her coming to Hong Kong.

She said for failing to repay the loans, her family members were harassed, threatened and assaulted, and her home was vandalized. She gave the director a document from the barangay captain’s office as proof that her parents complained about the harassment, threat and assault to the family and the damage to the family home.

On Jan. 6, 2017 the Immigration director rejected Bansiles’ claim, after deciding that the risk of harm from her creditors was low.

On appeal to the TCAB, Bansiles provided documents relating primarily to the levels of crime, terrorist attacks and anti-drug campaign killings in the Philippines. But the board also refused her claim, so she went to the High Court to ask for leave to challenge the decisions denying her application for non-refoulement.

On Mar 9 this year, Judge Chan dismissed the application saying the grounds were not properly supported. He said he was not satisfied the application for judicial review would succeed.

Walong kalahok sa mmff ‘18, buo na

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Buo na ang walong pelikulang ipapalabas sa 44th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) simula sa December 25, matapos matukoy ang apat na huling kalahok.
Ang mga pelikulang nadagdag:
1. Rainbow’s Sunset (family drama), Likhang Silangan Entertainment. Starring: Eddie Garcia, Tony Mabesa, Gloria Romero, Sunshine Dizon, Tirso Cruz III, Aiko Melendez. Director: Joel Lamangan
2. One Great Love (romance), Regal Entertainment. Starring: Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo, JC de Vera, Miles Ocampo, Marlo Mortel. Director: Eric Quizon
3. Mary, Marry Me (rom-com), Ten 17P Films. Starring: Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga, Sam Milby. Director; RC Delos Reyes
4. Otlum (horror), Horseshoe Studios. Starring: Ricci Rivero, John Estrada, Jerome Ponce at Buboy Villar. Director: Joven Tan
Balitang naging mahigpit at nagkaroon ng mainitang pagtatalo sa pagpili para sa huling puwesto, na nakuha ng Otlum, laban sa pelikula ni Brillante Mendoza na “Alpha (The Right To Kill)”.
Nauna nang pinili noong June 30 ang apat na pelikula na ang pinagbasehan lang ay ang isinumiteng scripts. Ito ay ang “Aurora” ng Viva Films (starring Anne Curtis), “Fantastica: The Princess, The Prince and the Perya” ng Star Cinema/ Viva Films (starring Vice Ganda, Richard Gutierrez, Dingdong Dantes, Maris Racal, Loisa Andalio), “ The Girl in the Orange Dress” ng Quantum Films/ MJM Productions (starring Kim Chiu, Jessy Mendiola, Jericho Rosales, Sam Milby, Tom Rodriguez) at “Popoy En Jack: The Puliscredibles” ng CCM/MZET/ APT Entertainment, starring Vic Sotto, Coco Martin at Maine Mendoza.
Ang mga pelikulang hindi pinalad na mapili ay ang mga sumusunod:
Regal - Barang (horror) ,
Reality Entertainment - Fake Korean / Ultimate Oppa (rom-com)
Cobalt Productions - Hawa (horror),
Cape Signal Rock - The Stranger (action)
The Idea First Company - Hating Gabi (horror),
Imus Productions - Agimat, My Super Kap (action adventure),
Great Czar Media Productions - The Covenant: a Monad Shoal Legend (action fantasy)
Cineko - Mang Kepweng Returns Again (comedy),
Octoarts - Pagkagat ng Dilim (horror)
Star Cinema ABS-CBN Productions - EERIE (horror mystery),
Star Cinema ABS-CBN Productions - The Affair (drama),
Provill Studios: General Admission (dark comedy),
Quantum Films/MJM: Always (light drama),
APT Entertainment: Balon (horror drama)
Gallaga & Reyes Films / Brightlight Prod: Magicland (fantasy adventure),
Obtacinema & Cineko: Gulong ng Palad (drama),
T Rex Entertainment: Class of 2018 (horror thriller)
Ang naging pamantayan sa pagpili ng mg kalahok ng selection committee na pinamunuan ng National Artist na si Bienvenido Lumbera ay artistic excellence (40%), commercial appeal (40%), promotion of Filipino culture & historical value (10%) at global appeal (10%).

Napasigaw sa tuwa si Sunshine Cruz noong Sept 18 nang matanggap ang balita na tinanggap ng korte sa kanyang petisyon na ma-annul ang kanyang kasal kay Cesar Montano.
“ Sa sobrang saya ko ngayon, lahat ng kaaway ko, kahit yung mga may utang sa akin, patatawarin ko! Ngayong araw lang, ha!” ang sabi ni Sunshine sa mga reporters ng Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) nang bisitahin siya at kapanayamin noong araw na iyon. 
Engrande ang naging kasal nila noong September 14, 2000 dahil pareho na silang sikat na artista noon. Si Sunshine na isang singer at dating sexy actress ay 23 taong gulang lang noon, at si Cesar na 38 naman ay sikat na bilang isang dramatic actor. Pero ayon sa aktres, pagkatapos pa lang ng kasal ay nagsimula na ang kanilang away. Sa galit daw ni Cesar ay itinapon pa nito ang kanyang wedding ring habang nasa Carribean cruise sila para sa kanilang honeymoon.
Nasundan pa ito ng marami pang mga pagtatalo sa loob ng 18 taon nilang pagsasama, na ilang beses ding nauwi sa demandahan. Hinding-hindi rin daw malimutan ni Sunshine na tinawag siyang “porn star” ni Cesar at pinaratangan na totoong nakipag-sex sa lahat ng mga nakapareha niya sa kanyang mga pelikula. Sinagot daw niya ito ng, “ kahit balatan mo ako, kahit itapon mo ako sa dagat, wala akong aaminin, kasi hindi totoo”.
Si Cesar daw ang una niyang boyfriend at totoong minahal niya ito ng husto, lalo na at napaka “guwapo” nito.
Ayon sa abogado ni Sunshine, naranasan ng aktres ang halos lahat ng klase ng pag-aabuso: physical,  psychological, emotional, financial.
Dagdag ni Sunshine, kabilang sa madalas daw nilang pag-awayan ang pagkakaugnay ni Cesar sa iba’t ibang mga babae, gaya ng Brazilian model na si Mariana del Rio, na noon ay 16 gulang lang. Ilang beses daw siyang nag-alsa balutan tuwing mag-aaway sila, pero nagdesisyon siyang tuluyan nang makipaghiwalay kay Cesar noong 2013, nang ma-link ito sa starlet na si Krista Miller, at natunghayan pa ng mga anak nila ang mga larawan ng dalawa sa telepono ng actor.
Sangkot din sa away nilang mag-asawa ang kapatid ni Cesar na si Ched na kinasuhan ng aktres ng paninirang puri dahil daw sa pagsasabi nitong pinalayas ni Sunshine ang ina nila at ang panganay na anak ni Cesar na si Angela (anak niya sa namayapang unang asawa) sa kanilang bahay. Ang mas masakit pa ay ang pagkakalat daw nito ng tsismis na hindi anak ni Cesar ang bunso nilang anak.
Bukod sa patung-patong na kaso sa paglabag ng kasong anti violence  against women and children at anti child abuse act noong July 2009, January 2013 at May 2013, sinampahan pa ng kasong rape ni Sunshine si Cesar noong pinuntahan siya nito sa bahay na tinitirhan nilang mag-iina noong Feb. 2, 2015, at pinilit daw na makipagtalik. Muli niya itong inireklamo noong November 2016, nang magsumbong ang mga anak niya na nakita daw nila itong nag ma-masturbate habang nasa loob ng kanyang silid ang kanyang mga anak at nanonood ng TV.
Hindi pa rin tapos ang lahat ng mga kaso sa pagitan nila, pero sa ngayon ay  masaya na raw si Sunshine dahil nakamit na niya ang kanyang kalayaan at masayang namumuhay sa bahay na napagsikapan niyang binili, kapiling  ang mga anak niyang sina Angelina Isabelle, 17, Samantha, 14 at Chesca, 12. Maligaya rin siya sa boyfriend niyang si Macky Mathay, na kasundo rin ng kanyang mga anak.

Isa-isa nang naglalabasan upang mag-file ng kandidatura ang mga celebrities na tatakbo sa susunod na eleksyon. Isa sa mga nauna rito sina Freddie Aguilar na kakandidatong senador; Vilma Santos –reelection bilang kongresista ng bayan ng Lipa, Batangas; Roderick Paulate, bilang vice mayor ng Quezon City, at ka-tandem ni Ismael “Chuck” Mathay (ama ni Ara Mina) na tatakbong mayor.
Kasama naman ni Gian Sotto, na tatakbong vice mayor din ng Quezon City, ang kanyang amang si Sen. Tito Sotto nang mag-file ito ng candidacy, at ang kapartidong si Joy Belmonte, na tatakbong mayor, bilang kapalit ni Herbert Bautista na nasa huling termino na.
Si Isko Moreno naman ay nagbitiw bilang Undersecretary ng DSWD upang tumakbo bilang mayor ng Maynila, kalaban ang kasalukuyang nanunungkulan na si Joseph Estrada, 81, at dating alkalde na si Alfredo Lim, 88. Kapartido ni Isko si Yul Servo na tatakbo muli bilang kongresista.
 Ang apo ni Joseph at anak ni Jinggoy Estrada (na muli ring tatakbo bilang senador) na si Janella Estrada ay tatakbong mayor ng San Juan, samantalang ang anak niya kay Laarni Enriquez na si Jerika Ejercito ay kakandidato bilang konsehal ng Maynila.
Si Lani Mercado ay muling tatakbo bilang mayor ng Bacoor, Cavite. Hindi pa alam kung muling tatakbo bilang senador ang kanyang asawang si Bong Revilla, na kasalukuyan pang nakakulong; at ang anak nilang si Jolo Revilla, bilang vice governor naman ng Cavite.
Sinamahan naman ni Sharon Cuneta ang kapatid niyang si Chet nang mag-file ito ng candidacy bilang mayor ng Pasay City, ang dating puwesto ng kanilang namayapang amang si Pablo Cuneta na nanungkulan ng mahabang panahon.

Marami ang nagulat nang lumabas ang balita na hiwalay na ang mag-asawang sina Romnick Sarmenta at Harlene Bautista, pagkatapos ng 19 taong pagsasama. Isang joint statement ang inilabas nila, sabay ng pakiusap na igalang ang kanilang privacy:
“An appeal for privacy. Romnick and I have five beautiful children, whom we love and treasure very much - we have spent many years together as best friends and partners in everything that we have done. Even more so in raising our family.  We will always be great friends if not the best of friends.
With the greatest respect and mutual love, wanting nothing but happiness for each other we have decided to part ways. We would like to appeal for privacy, for our children and for each other as well.
Being public figures, we know that this will not go unnoticed—and we didn’t want speculations, rumours and gossips to destroy the wonderful memories we share, the peace that we continue to have as best friends. We both decided that it would be best to issue a statement, in an intention to let this be the first and last time that we talk about it.
Neither he nor I wish to speak at length about the matter, seeing as to how we had been able to keep the fact for as long as we have. We request that our individual supporters, friends and family refrain from making comments or issuing statements that may hurt or offend not only ourselves, but most importantly our beloved children.
We thank you, for the prayers and support— and most of all for respecting our wishes.
God bless you.”
Tatlong beses ikinasal sina Romnick at Harlene. Una, sa isang civil wedding ceremony noong 1999, sumunod sa isang church wedding noong 2000 sa may U.P., at pangatlo, sa Las Vegas, Nevada noong 2002 bilang renewal of vows.
Sila ay nagkakilala sa TV show ni German Moreno na “That’s Entertainment”, kung saan ay sumikat si Romnick bilang katambal ni Sheryl Cruz. Nang naghiwalay sila ng landas at nagpunta ng Amerika si Sheryl at nakapag-asawa, nagkalapit sina Harlene at Romnick, at tuluyan nang nagpakasal. Pinili nina Harlene at Romnick ang mas tahimik na buhay upang masubaybayan ang paglaki ng kanilang mga anak. Nagtayo sila ng negosyo, kabilang na rito ang restaurant na Salu, na naging venue ng reunion nila ng mga kasamahan sa That’s Entertainment ilang buwan pa lang ang nakalipas.
Pero, dahil isang mahusay na aktor mula pagkabata, (una siyang nakilala bilang si Peping sa TV series na Gulong ng Palad) hindi matanggihan ni Romnick na balikan ang pag-arte paminsan minsan sa mga indie films at ilang TV shows. Kasalukuyan siyang napapanood sa tv series na “ Halik” na pinagbibidahan nina Jericho Rosales, Sam Milby, Yen Santos at Yam Concepcion.
Si Harlene na isa ring mahusay na movie, TV at stage actress ay matagal nang hindi humaharap sa kamera. Sa halip, lagi siyang nakasuporta sa kapatid niyang si Herbert Bautista, na mayor ng Quezon City.
Umaasa ang kanilang mga kaibigan at fans na maaayos pa ang kanilang pagsasama.

Tuloy na tuloy na ang kasal ni Lotlot de Leon sa kanyang Lebanese boyfriend na si Fadi El Soury sa December 17. Gaganapin daw ito sa isang resort/events place na pag-aari ng pamilya ni Pia Guanio.
Kasama siyempre sa entourage ang lahat ng anak nina Lotlot at Ramoncito Gutierrez na sina Diego, na siyang maghahatid sa kanya sa altar; at maid of honor naman ang mga dalaga niyang sina Janine, Jessica at Maxine.
Balitang dadalo rin ang tatlong kapatid ni Lotlot sa American father niya, na manggagaling pa sa Amerika. Inaasahan din ang pagdalo ng adoptive parents ni Lotlot na sina Nora Aunor at Christopher de Leon.

Maswerte ka ba sa buwang ito?

Posted on 15 October 2018 No comments
ASO. Isinilang noong 1922/34/46/58/70/82/94
Iwasang maging magaspang o gawan ng mali ang mga taong nagbibigay-suporta sa iyo, lalo na ang asawa at katrabaho. Kung ikaw ay pinupuna, makinig sa sinasabi sa iyo at sumunod, kaysa magmatigas pa o makipagtalo. Mag-ingat sa mga tao o grupo na nanghihikayat sa iyong sumali; umiwas at tanggihan ang kanilang alok. Magiging mapalad ka sa maraming bagay. Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 21 at 40. 
BABOY. Isinilang noong 1923/35/47/59/71/83/95
Kakaiba ang sigla mo ngayon na mas mataas kaysa dati, kaya marami kang gustong gawin.  Mag-ingat lagi. Magiging maalab at mainit ang love life mo, kaya magiging masaya ka ng husto. Sa trabaho, makabubuting itigil muna ang ipinagpipilitan mong makamit dahil baka lalong lumaki ang pagkalugi kung patuloy mong gagastusan ang iyong mga proyekto. Ubos pera na, sayang pa ang pagod mo. Lucky numbers: 17, 29, 37 at 42.

DAGA. Isinilang noong 1924/36/48/60/72/84/96 
Ingatan ang kalusugan pero iwasang maging hypochondriac dahil isang uri din ito ng sakit. Uminom lang ng gamot kung kinakailangan at kung inireseta ito ng doktor. Mapapansin mo na hindi makatugma ang obligasyon mo sa gusto mong gawin. Magiging maayos ang takbo ng trabaho, at ang relasyon sa mga kasamahan ay may tsansa pang maging maganda. Iwasan ang mga diskusyon na walang kaugnayan sa trabaho. Lucky numbers: 3, 16, 38 at 45.  

BAKA. Isinilang noong 1925/37/49/61/73/85/97 
Makakatulong ang paglalakad at jogging upang lumuwag ang mga muscles sa puso at maiwasan ang paninikip ng dibdib. Maganda ang senyales sa trabaho, pero hindi pa tamang oras para matuloy ang malalaking proyekto; mas mabuti pang pagbutihan na lang muna ang ginagawa mo. Huwag pahirapan ang sarili sa pag-iisip ng sagot sa mga bagay na mahirap ipaliwanag. Lucky numbers: 19, 22, 39 at 43.
TIGRE Isinilang noong 1926/38/50/62/74/86 at 98 
May magandang mangyayari sa love affair, lalo na sa mga walang karelasyon. Kung gusto mong palakasin ang karisma ay kakayanin ito, pero huwag magpadala sa lakas ng imahinasyon. Magiging masaya ang puso at maiibsan ang kabiguang nararanasan sa trabaho. Seryosong away ang mamamagitan sa iyo at anak mo kung patuloy mong igigiiit ang gusto mo. Makokonsensya ka dahil hirap mong balansehin ang oras sa pamilya at trabaho. Lucky numbers: 12, 27, 31 at 42.

KUNEHO Isinilang noong 1927/39/51/63/75/87 
Hindi ka mapakali at nag-aalangan sa kilos mo. Gusto mong ilabas ang gusto mong sabihin pero may pumipigil sa iyo. Huwag gaanong umasa sa iba upang maiwasan ang sama ng loob. May alok kang sumali o sumosyo, huwag munang tanggapin ito ngayon dahil baka may nakatagong panlilinlang ito; mag-ingat bago mahuli ang lahat. Sa trabaho, nalilito ka kung ipipilit mo ang gusto mo at ibuhos ang oras mo dito, o sumuko na lang bago dumating ang problema. Lucky numbers: 16, 23, 25 at 31.

 DRAGON Isinilang noong 1928/40/52/64/76/88 
Tensyonado ang pagsasama ngayon. Kung single, huwag pabigla-bigla ng kilos para lang makakuha ng kapartner. May darating na pera, pero huwag gastusin agad ito para lang makapagyabang. Mapapaisip ka sa kahulugan ng buhay, kung paano ma-enjoy ito ng husto at ang sikreto ng pagiging maligaya. Bigyan ng kabuluhan ang buhay sa pagtulong sa kapwa at pagbibigay ng kaunting oras at atensyon sa kanila. Lucky numbers: 7, 18, 24 at 39.

AHAS Isinilang noong 1929/41/53/65/77/89 
Dahil sa pagiging romantiko, papasok ka sa isang relasyon ng walang kapalit o nakatagong motibo at magmamahal ka ng buong puso. Pag-ingatan ang katawan upang makaiwas sa mga sakit. Mag-ingat sa mga nagpapanggap na mga misyonaryo na nanghihikayat na tumulong upang mailigtas ang iyong kaluluwa, pero ang pera mo lang pala ang habol. Lucky numbers: 13, 28, 37 at 40.

KABAYO. Isinilang noong 1930/42/54/66/78/90
Maraming bagay ang mangyayari ngayon, positibo man o hindi. Makakaasa ka ng suporta sa desisyon mo at pagbabago na gusto mong mangyari, pero mababahala ka pagdating sa personal na buhay o relasyon. Bibigyan mo ng prayoridad ang pamilya, lalo na ang mga anak. Kung naghahanap ka pa rin ng taong mamahalin, sumangguni sa isang astrologer upang malaman kung anong mga katangian ang nababagay para sa iyo. Lucky numbers: 10, 21, 35 at 36.

KAMBING. Isinilang noong 1919/31/43/55/67/79 at 91 
Magiging bukambibig mo ang pagnanais mong magbakasyon. Gamitin ang imahinasyon kahit sa maliliit na bagay gaya ng paglagay ng sarsa sa walang lasang pagkain upang sumarap ito, pero magsipag ka pa husto, kung hindi ay baka magkaproblema ka. Hangga’t maaari, iwasan muna ang mahalagang transaksyon dahil baka malaking pera ang mawala sa iyo. May swerteng darating dahil sa mga bagong kakilala. Lucky numbers: 15, 18, 24 at 33.

UNGGOY. Isinilang noong 1920/32/44/56/68/80/92
Mistula kang preso sa sitwasyong hindi naman ikaw ang may gawa, kahit pa sa tahanan o trabaho. Kung mangyari man ito, piliting makaahon at huwag hayaang mangyari ulit ito. Isang mahalagang pagkikita ang magaganap sa bahay ng kaibigan o dadaluhang kasal. Magpa-medical check up upang malaman kung ano ang sanhi ng problema mo sa sikmura, Lucky numbers: 20, 21, 33 at 44.

TANDANG Isinilang noong 1921/33/45/57/69/81/93

Huwag gaanong mahigpit at mapaghanap sa kapamilya, bigyan ng sapat na kalayaan ang mga anak. Ganado at mataas ang enerhiya mo ngayon. Umiwas sa kamag-anak o mga kaibigan na pilit kang isinasama sa kanilang  samahan o relihiyon. Maging mapanuri sa mga bagong kakilala o kaibigan bago ka magtiwala. Lucky numbers: 16, 23, 26 at 41.

Sali na!

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Join Guinness record-setting for ‘Most Nationalities in Tai Chi Class”
On Nov. 18, the International Social Service (ISS) Hong Kong Kong will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the “Most Nationalities in a Tai Chi Class”. The record-setting bid will take place from 10am-12noon at Southorn Playground in Wan Chai.

Target: around 500 participants from 50 countries taking part in beginner-level Tai Chi class. Beginners are welcome to join.

To enroll, check out http://www.isshk.o rg/60/ . The deadline is Oct 15.


Coins for Bethune House Project
To all participating organizations, please submit your filled-up cans to the Mission for Migrant Workers at St John’s Church on Garden Road as soon as possible so a final tally of the donations can be made.
For more information, call 2721 3119 or Vicky at 9357 2125 or Edwina, 9488 9044

Caritas Health Courses for Migrant Workers

Sunday: Oct 14, 2:30-5:30pm for body check &
              Oct 28, 2:30-4:00pm for result and explanation

Saturday: Oct 27, 2:30-5:30pm for body check &
                 Nov. 3, 2:30pm-4:0pm  for result and explanation

A minimal fee of $20 will be collected from each participant
Venue: Caritas Fortress Hill Centre,G/F, 28A Fortress Hill Road, Fortress Hill

Contact: Caritas AMP (2147 5988; WhatsApp: 5497 2899)

What's on, where

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The Philippine Consulate General and all its attached agencies including POLO will be closed on the following date:
Oct 17 – Cheung Yeung Festival (HK)
There will be no official transactions on these dates.
In case of emergency, call:
9155 4023 (Consular assistance)
5529 1880 (POLO)
6345 9324 (OWWA)

Hike to Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls
Oct 17, 9am -4pm
Organized by: The Adventurers Hong Kong
Meet-up: Tai Po Market MTR station
Participants are requested to wear their Adventurers uniform or proper hiking clothes. Bring your own snacks. To join, check out The Adventurers Hong Kong page on Facebook

“Sagip Kapwa”
Free Fire Safety Classes
Second Session: Oct 20 (Saturday) at Wong Tai Sin Fire Station, 28 Fung Tak Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon
Twenty slots are available for each session. Certificates will be given
To register, send your name and mobile phone number by email to with the title: “FIRE”
For other details, check the Philippine Consulate General Facebook page

Card HK’s Basic Financial Literacy Seminar
Oct 21, 9am-5:30pm, Bayanihan Centre, 55 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town. Organizer: Card HK Foundation
Learn how to manage your finances and plan for a strong, secure financial future
For registration please call 9529 6391/ 5423 8196/ 9606 6810 or comment: Card Hong Kong Foundation FB page

Nueva Vizcaya Day 2018
Oct 21 (Sunday), from 10 am, Chater Road, Central
Highlights: Search for Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya 2018 and Sassy Look International 2018
Organizer: United Nueva Vizcayanos – HK

Katutubo Haute Couture 2018
VIP Opening Cocktail/Gala Dinner& Fashion Show
Nov 10, 6:30pm – 11pm, Sheraton Hotel TST, Kowloon
Tickets @$1,800 available through
Philippine Ethnic-Cultural Performance
Nov. 11, whole day, Chater Road, Central. Open to the public

OFW Livelihood Festival
Nov. 11, whole day, Chater Road, Central
All Filcom organizations with livelihood programs for OFWs are welcome to join
Organized by: Balikatan sa Kaunlaran HK Council
Contact: Ching at 98559878

Tai Chi Class Record Attempt
Nov. 18, 10am-12nn, Southorn Playground, Wan Chai
Organized by: ISS HK. Enrolment deadline: Oct 15
Check out: out http://www.isshk.o rg/60/

35th Anniversary Celebration
Divine Church of Christ Hong Kong Chapter
Nov 23, whole day
Mariners Signal Hill Garden, TST, Kowloon
Contact: Divine at 67321423

Cordillerans hit dev’t projects as anti-people

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By Vir B. Lumicao

Existing or proposed large-scale mining and exploration, dams and geothermal projects in the Philippines are nothing but “development aggression projects” that rob indigenous peoples of their heritage instead of benefiting them, a Filipino migrant leader said.

These projects, normally financed by the International Monetary Fund-World Bank, are behind the worsening plight of the country’s indigenous people, Vicky Casia-Cabantac, chairwoman of Migrante Sectoral Party Hong Kong, said in a speech in Central on Oct 7.

Vicky Casia-Cabantac
She was the guest speaker at the “Dap-ayan ti Umili” poetry writing competition for domestic worker poets from the various Cordillera provinces that was organized by the Pinatud a Saleng ti Umili, or PSU-HK.

“We national minorities have for a long time been victims of national oppression,” Cabantac said, adding that the Cordillerans launched the Defend Land, Life and Resources Coalition last year when the Suyo, Ilocos Sur Association launched its campign  against mining exploration in the municipality.

“Mining exploration is a form of development aggression. Building dams, yun naman ang issue na ni-raise ng mga Kalinga group. This is also another form of development aggression,” she said. Last year, the issue of a geothermal project in Ifugao was also raised as another development aggression, she said.

Josie Pingkihan, secretary general of Bayan Hong Kong-Macau, urged the indigenous peoples to unite against the destroyers of their natural resources, saying that if they don’t act now, the present population and future generations will suffer.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Abdon-Tellez, general manager of Mission for Migrant Workers, praised the Cordilleran indigenous peoples for preserving the tradition of “dap-ayan,” or community gathering to discuss various matters. She urged everyone to use the platform to discuss current issues affecting the Filipino people. 

Cynthia Abdon-Tellez
“I think that is the beauty of dap-ayan and you should keep it,” she urged the Cordillerans.

Elna Apao
Nine poets from various Cordillera workers’ groups entered the contest, which was themed “Empowering Cordilleran migrants on their rights and welfare for the defense of our land, life and resources.”

In the end, Elna Apao of Sadanga Organization won first place with her English poem “Cordillera”, Narissa Gaiwen of Singles & Doubles took second place with her entry “Paraiso” and Eileen Compitay of  Otocan Migrant Workers’ Association placed third with her “Pagiging Igorot Ating Ipagmalaki”.

Cabantac said the so-called World Bank-funded development projects have not really improved the lives of the minorities in the Cordilleras.

“Bakit tayo nandito na nakaupo sa lansangan ng Hong Kong. Bakit nandito pa rin tayo na nagpapaalila, pinapahirapan ng ating mga employer, kung meron namang development na nangyayari sa mining, … sa mga itinatayong dam? Dams, that is another issue, that is another form of development aggression,” she said.

She noted that the IMF/World Bank, which met in Bali, Indonesia, on Oct 12, 13 and 14, is financing development aggression projects. She blamed the IMF for miring the country in debt during martial law in President Ferdinand Marcos’ time. She said the massive government borrowing is again being repeated.

She also scored the government for introducing mandatory insurance, which she said was an attempt to extort from migrant workers again. “Wala nang katapusan ang pangingikil, ang pangogotong sa ating mga migranteng manggagawa,” she said.
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